Via Forum 2016 - InteReCo Matchmaking

VIA Forum 2016 - InteReCo Matchmaking

Slovak-German Regional Business Forum

12.5.2016, YASMIN HOTEL, Kosice, Slovak Republic

Some 450 German companies have made investments in the Slovak Republic since its founding in 1993 creating around 110 000 jobs and many more found their subcontractors. Learn about their success , Eastern Slovakia potential, meet your future cooperation partners and start new business or project!

The brokerage event VIA Forum 2016 - InteReCo Matchmaking is organised by Regional Advisory and Information Centre Presov  - the Enterprise Europe Network  and by East Slovakia Investment Agency.

The b2b event is open not exclusively for Slovak and German entities. Other entities interested in the event from neighbouring countries Hungary, Poland, Ukraine but also other ones are welcome.


Target groups

  • Companies
  • Science and Research Institutes
  • Financial Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • and other players in the sectors listed below

Main sectors

  • Machinery and Metal Processing Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electro technical Industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Power Engineering
  • Information Technologies
  • Tourism
  • Others interested in Eastern Slovakia are welcome


Why to participate

  • Present your business proposals, future visions, ideas for product development, technologies and solutions!
  • Get your problem solved – matching organisations seeking or offering solutions!
  • Learn from German investors to Eastern Slovakia!
  • Meet numerous prospective cooperation partners in ONE day and reduce the amount of time and money for finding new partners!
  • Get professional support through the Enterprise Europe Network and its experts in the field of internationalisation and international technology transfer. 


Matchmaking Event/B2B  

Matchmaking/B2B/Brokerage Event (whichever of those names you choose) is an ideal opportunity to find international partners for technology transfer, business co-operation and collaborative research, in pre-arranged 20 minute meetings in one location. You simply need to register, present yourself, your company, your technology online and select partners of interest to you in advance of the event. Read more in How it works.


The earlier you submit your cooperation profile the more it will be recognized! 

closed since 12 May 2016
Registration 25 Jan – 12 May
Meeting Selection 25 Apr – 12 May
Event 12 May
Language B2B event - English
Costs 40 EUR (20 EUR from 2nd participant); free of charge for participants of VIA Forum 2016
Venue Hotel Yasmin****, Tyršovo nábrežie 1675/1 040 01 Košice Slovakia
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 63
Meetings 116
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1
Czech Republic 2
Germany 9
Slovak Republic 51
Spain 1
Total 64
Profile Views
Before Event1230
After Event 989