TRADEIT Food Packing

The TRADEIT Project

TRADEIT is a collaborative project supporting small to medium sized Traditional Food Producers and who work within the Dairy, Meat or Bakery sectors. We can help in a number of ways including: access to training and expertise from some of Europe’s leading specialists; finding new markets and partners across Europe; finding the business solutions and technologies that will allow your company to grow whilst retaining control of your brand; and help you bring your own innovations to market.

The project is focused on supporting companies in the dairy, meat and bakery sectors. The project has 19 partners based in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal and Italy and will run for 3 years. 9 Regional Traditional Food Knowledge and Technology Transfer Hubs have been established, including Coventry University Enterprises.


Dairy, meat & bakery


The hubs will provide access to a range of support, including training and technology transfer:


  • Food safety and quality
  • Competitiveness, cost models and pricing strategies
  • Food production facility design
  • Food labelling and marketing for geographical indications and traditional foods
  • Supply chain management and distribution
  • Environmental management
  • Consumer-led product development
  • Smart use of IT in traditional food production
  • Innovation, IPR and related legal issues

Transfer of Technology

  • Offering information on sector-specific technologies (dairy, meat, bakery)
  • Facilitating brokerage events tailored to SME technology, innovation and business needs
  • Helping companies identify research and business partners
  • Facilitating networking with other companies producing traditional foods


To participate, you must be a registered business producing traditional foods in the dairy, meat or bakery sectors.
The training and technology events will be funded by the project.

To find out more please visit our website:




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