IFT Slovakiatour 2015


Welcome to Brokerage event ITF SLOVAKIATOUR!

Face to face meetings - the way to successful business!

Slovak Business Agency in cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network partners and Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Slovak Republic would like to invite you to attend Brokerage event ITF SLOVAKIATOUR  which will take place on take place on 30th January 2015 in Expo Incheba, Expo Club, Bratislava as a parallel event of 21st international fair of travel ITF SLOVAKIATOUR, 22nd international specialized exhibition HUNTING AND LEISURE, 22nd International Gastronomy Fair DANUBIUS GASTRO  and 7th WELLNESS AND FITNESS exhibition. 


The ITF SLOVAKIATOUR fair is the biggest fair of travel in Slovakia. Each year it brings a complex service for people who want to travel abroad or enjoy the beauty of Slovakia. A huge portfolio of travel agencies is presented as well as tourist information mediated via foreign offices.

Danubius Gastro presents a comprehensive offer for gastronomy and hotel industry, ranging from professional equipment through furniture, foodstuffs and beverages to packaging and advertising. A collective attendance of foreign exhibitors offers the visitors a chance to get a taste of various national culinary specialties and drinks. Danubius Gastro is a feast for all those who are interested in the presented fields, either as experts or laymen. In addition to pleasing the senses, it brings a plethora of useful information for hotels, restaurants, spas and different types of gastronomy facilities and retailers. Side events with competitions for bartenders, baristas, cooks, confectioners, bakers and sommeliers form an inseparable part of the Danubius Gastro exhibition.

The Hunting and Leisure exhibition allows the exhibitors to inspire the hunting and  nature enthusiasts in many ways when it comes to spending time in nature.

Wellness and Fitness is the leader among exhibitions showcasing wellness and fitness equipment and promoting healthy lifestyle.

Target groups:

Companies/organizations within the below-mentioned sectors:

  • Tourism - tour operators and travel agencies; accommodation/hotels/appartments/guest houses etc; catering/restaurants/bars; culture, sports and leisure (spas, fitness centers, saunas, swimming pools, outdoor activities, cultural heritage and thernal/theme parks); transport (car, air, naval, railroad transport, cable cars and ski lifts); tourism suppliers (IT solutions, eco-solutions, furniture/textile, marketing & communications);
  • Hunting and Leisure - weapons; ammunition; knives; optical devices; falconry; hunting trophies; preparation of beasts; hunting-related works of art and jewellry; hunting-related antiquities and souvenirs; hunters' clothing and footwear; equipment and weapons for tourism; off-road vehicles;
  • Danubius Gastro - national culinary specialties and drinks; gastronomy and hotel industry; furniture, foodstuff and beverages; packaging; type of profession: bartenders, baristas, cooks, confectioners, bakers and sommeliers
  • Wellness a Fitness - wellness equipment; saunas and sauna equipment; spas & beauty; solariums and tanning equipment; body care and hygiene; skin care; nutrition supplements; clothing, footwear and accessories.

Why to participate?

The event offers a unique opportunity for SMEs from tourism, hunting and leisure, gastro, wellness and fitness as well as tourism suppliers to find potential business partners,  to broaden their business opportunities, to network and/or penetrate the global market. Extent of the benefits depends on the type of partnership.

The international brokerage event aims at the one-to-one bilateral  meetings among companies with the opportunity to present themselves, propose partnership offers/demands, tenders, available production capacities, joint ventures creation demands, exchange contacts with foreign partners, to network and search for the potential cooperation partners.






closed since 29 Jan 2015
Registration 20 Nov – 29 Jan
Meeting Selection 12 Jan – 5 Feb
Event 30 Jan
Language English
Costs Free of Charge
Venue INCHEBA EXPO Bratislava
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 75
Meetings 111
Austria 3
Czech Republic 5
Hungary 15
Italy 2
Others 1
Poland 1
Serbia 2
Slovak Republic 46
Total 75
Profile Views
Before Event2147
After Event 3055