Tour d'Europe - TAVOLA 2018 -

Wholesalers / buyers

 Full catalogue of the buyers

In your account (tab registration) you can select which wholesalers/buyers you wish to meet. These meetings will be booked for you by the organisers.

These are the buyers you can select:

  • Intriguing Brands is looking for Drinks, Spirits, Sangria, Gluhwein, Kir royale,....
  • Jet Import is looking for spirit products and Non-alcoholic craft beers
  • Carmans E&L is looking for Cheese, different meat-selections, beef, French poultry
  • Hottlet Frozen Foods is looking for seafood  and exotic vegetable products
  • Viangro is looking for charcuterie and poultry
  • Colruyt is ONLY looking for direct contact with producers of Emmental (wheels of 88kg, Volume: 200 Tons), Gruyère (wheels of 24 kg, Volume: 240 T), Raclette wheels of 7 kg, Volume: 50T), Reblochon (AOC, 50T) and Comté AOC (150T)
  • Delitraiteur
  • Beergium is looking for foreign craftbeer
  • Les Plaisirs du 604 is looking for foreign beers and alcohol
  • Trade in World
  • Hottlet International Agencies is looking for canned food
  • Wijnen Vanassche is looking for wineries in North of Italy, Slovenian Wine and organic Wine
  • Wine Bar Mouchart is looking for wine, spirits, charcuteries cheeses, grilled vegetables
  • Bommels Conserven is looking for special sweet and savoury products and distinguish from what is available in the market
  • BrandM is looking for Unique products: ambient and chilled category
  • Confiserie gourmande is looking for cAndy/ chocolate quality artisanal products for Bakers, Patisseries, chocolatiers and fine groceries & for products with "0" sugar (chocolate, jams, candies, etc)
  • Ameel Candy World nv is looking for confectionery, biscuits, chcolates, drinks for the 'multicoloured' markets
  • Arnimex bvba is looking for duck meat products, chicken offal's and game meat products
  • Tamarind Foods is looking for frozen pastries
  • Retail Sales Expansion is looking for innovative & quality concepts in Fresh and Frozen food
  • Previti is looking for top quality italian delicatessen/fresh food/beverages
  • Alimpex is looking for  dairy products, cheese, frozen vegetables, bakery products, meat products
  • Cinnamon capital is looking for baby food products
  • Terra & Tavola is looking for Italian products
  • Beijing Manping Fine Wine Club is looking for fine European wines


You can consult the buyers's catalogue here.

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