Tour d’Europe – Rotterdam

Tour d’Europe 2015 - Rotterdam

Tour d’Europe is an opportunity for Belgian and Dutch buyers to meet European food & drink producers in Rotterdam.


With Tour d’Europe the sectorgroup AgroFood of Enterprise Europe Network present an international project to connect buyers and producers of the food & beverage sector. Earlier this year, this Tour d’Europe project proved to be very successful in Edinburgh (UK). The next stop will be Rotterdam and we continue this Tour in the spring of 2016.

In  Rotterdam we organize  face-to-face meetings between Belgian and Dutch food and drink distributors, buyers and agents and European producers.

Interested in the 2016 tour?

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M2M + Symposium

...and get the attention of interested buyers and distributors


M2M + Symposium

...manage up to 16 meetings at 30 minutes each

How does it work?

  • Register and publish your collaboration profile
  • For the buyers:
    browse through the participant list and send meeting requests to the producers you are interested in meeting
  • For the producers:
    you can bookmark the buyers you are interested in, but you can’t send a meeting request to them. Write a detailed and complete profile and include pictures of your products. After registration: if you receive a meeting request of buyers, please accept or decline this request
  • Two weeks before the event you receive your personal meeting schedule

Why to participate?

  • You meet committed potential business partners – and we arrange the meetings for you
  • You choose your meeting partners at your desk (at home). Your choice is based on concise company profiles.
  • We offer support before, during and after the event, e.g. by helping you to formulate an informative cooperation profile, accompanying you to your meeting, following up with each of the companies, etc


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Registration fee

Participating in this matchmaking event is free of charge. Travel and accommodation is at your own expense.  


Main Organizers

closed since 4 Nov 2015
Registration 1 Feb – 4 Nov
Meeting Selection 15 Oct – 4 Nov
Event 5 Nov – 6 Nov
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport, Tornvägen 2
Stockholm, Sweden
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 160
Meetings 51
Austria 1
Belgium 13
Bulgaria 1
Denmark 4
Estonia 11
Finland 8
France 11
Germany 10
Greece 5
Hungary 2
Italy 14
Lithuania 21
Netherlands 9
Poland 8
Portugal 2
Slovak Republic 1
Slovenia 1
Spain 28
Sweden 4
Switzerland 1
Turkey 3
United Kingdom 15
Total 173
Profile Views
Before Event4414
After Event 6523