Tour d’Europe ANUGA 2017

Previous editions

In 2015 the Tour d’Europe pilot project proved to be very successful, as food and drink producers from all over Europe came to Edinburgh to meet with Scottish buyers, and showcase their products. As a result a second edition of the tour was organized in Rotterdam where 60 meetings between buyers and producers were held. In May 2016 it was Stockholm's turn to host the Tour d'Europe. At the event around 20 Swedish buyers met with over 60 producers from 9 different countries, many new business cooperations were for sure established.


Quotes & pictures of the Tour d'Europe-Stockholm 2016 edition

"I participated in Tour d'Europe because I wanted to build a network and find new suppliers for our existing range of products, but also find new exciting products. I must say that my expectations were met, I'm very positive to this type of matchmaking event. I had four meetings with different suppliers and we could possibly do business with two of them."  - Mikael Nyström, Exotic Snacks

"We have never participated in this kind of matchmakingevent before so I wanted to see if it was possible to find new potential suppliers in this way. And it worked just perfectly!" -Alf Wihrén, Vrigstad Ostkaka.

"I'm very happy with the four meetings I had and I think that I acually have found a new business partner." - Marco Viti, MV Cellar.




Quotes & pictures of the Tour d’Europe-Scotland 2015 edition

“It was a fantastic experience. My three meetings were positive. We have now 3 potential distributors in the UK for our products! The whole event was very relaxed and very easy going. It made for a very pleasant working environment. It was a 9/10 event!”
Pascal Depuydt, Puydtjes Charcuterie

“I liked the event very much. It is more important than a trade show, for us. For what you can get here, comparing with the expensive trade show, it is much better. The buyers chose you – you arrive with a warm opportunity, you can showcase your products and start negotiating”
Karel de Wolf, Ganda Ham

“It is a good way, and a new way, to put buyers and suppliers together. I found it very useful. It was well worth the trip”
Christian Goergen, MA. RI International

“It was not possible to travel to Scotland, I was very pleased Patrick arranged a skype meeting. I was located in Belgium and the company Glencrest, together with Patrick, was located in Scotland. Before I sent samples so during the meeting we could talk about the samples and a possible cooperation. For us it was very important to have this first contact. Next time we will join the company mission!“
Eline Blanchaert , Klingele chocolade NV

“It was great to have 3 meetings organized in 1 day with parties that are really interested. The event provided the opportunity to get to know some market players, their vision on the possibilities of our products on their market as well as their idea of marketing and price setting. In our current distribution network in the U.K. Scotland isn't really involved so this was a great opportunity to get to know some key players and in the same time conduct some field research in the hours before and after the meetings.”
William de Vliegher, Cavalier NV

... from the buyers

“The group meal the evening prior to the meetings was a great opportunity to break the ice with the suppliers that attended.  It got the introductions out of the way meaning the meetings were concentrated on the product.   It’d be an idea for EENS to host this event and invite as many suppliers as possible to this.  
Beneficial to BHF in terms of the number of Supplier meetings in the given timeframe and making contacts.  
Personally I’d have liked the Suppliers to be prepared with Pricing, Price Breaks, Volumes, etc.  We think we have found comparable products but when pricing is available it may prove prohibitive to taking things further.”
Elaine Robertson and Craig Stevenson, Braehead Foods

“The event was useful and very well run by Debbie and her team, unfortunately in this case many of the products presented were not ideally suited to our range currently. However the companies had some great products that we will definitely keep them in mind if this changes in the future.”
Kari Gourlay and Cameron Gourlay, Glencrest

“The Event was professionally effective & interesting!”
Jacques Christian Kasperski , Provence Director








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Registration 8 Feb – 16 Sep
Meeting Selection 10 Jul – 25 Sep
Event 6 Oct
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Eden Hotel Früh am Dom
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 529
Meetings 129
Belgium 32
Bulgaria 6
Chile 6
China 3
Croatia 2
Cyprus 8
Denmark 2
Finland 5
France 28
Georgia 7
Germany 15
Greece 105
Hungary 4
Indonesia 1
Italy 87
Lithuania 5
Mexico 17
Moldova, Republic Of 1
Netherlands 13
Philippines 1
Poland 27
Portugal 1
Romania 4
Serbia 5
Slovenia 8
Spain 43
Sweden 3
Tunisia 9
Turkey 62
United Kingdom 34
Total 544
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