TO Design 2017

The Torino Chamber of commerce, as partner of the Enterprise Europe Network, organises TO Design Meetings 2017, an event that aims at connecting professionals

The event takes place within the framework of Operæ. Independent design fair 2017, a fair dedicated to independent and collectible design. The fair hosts a designers section and a design galleries section together with a rich cultural program of talks and workshops

This year, the B2B meetings programme grows by expanding the agenda of encounters and diversifying the stakeholders involved. Operæ is the occasion to enhance the networking opportunities between Italian and international companies and Italian and international designers, design galleries, hotels, architects and local artisans. In framework of the B2B, a dedicated focus on boutique and design hotels will offer new opportunities for architects and designers

The main purpose of TO Design Meetings 2017 is to promote the development of new products and procedures and to foster potential partnerships, synergies, talent-scouting and new business opportunities in the world of contemporary and collectible design

TO Design Meetings 2017 trusts the idea that nurturing long-lasting partnerships contributes to the creation of innovative products that can reach new markets worldwide




EEN B2B "To Design Meetings 2017"

  • Friday, 3 Nov 2017 | h 11.30 - 18.30
    Only for: Hotels/Designers/Architects/Design Galleries

  • Saturday, 4 Nov 2017 | h 11.30 - 18.30
    Only for: Manufacting Companies/Designers

B2B Operæ. Independent design fair 2017

  • Sunday, 5 Nov 2017 | h 11.30 - 18.30
    Only for: Craftman of Piemonte Handmade-Fucina Artigiana/Piedmontese Designers/Operæ exhibitors/Local architects selected by Operæ


To Design Meetings 2016 Results

  • 98 effective participants from Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom
  • 52 designers, 26 manufacturing companies, 20 EEN Delegates
  • 301 meetings (of which 206 transnational meetings)

closed since 26 Oct 2017
Registration 2 Oct – 26 Oct
Meeting Selection 16 Oct – 4 Dec
Event 3 Nov – 5 Nov
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Via Nizza 294
Torino, Italy
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 112
Meetings 366
Austria 2
Belgium 2
Denmark 1
France 2
Germany 2
Greece 1
Israel 1
Italy 91
Netherlands 4
Spain 3
Switzerland 1
United Kingdom 2
Total 112
Profile Views
Before Event5815
After Event 707