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Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) is the world's leading modest fashion and design council representing the Islamic economy and its stakeholders. With offices in 10 countries (HQ in NY, USA, other offices: UK, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Canada, Pakistan, and an affiliate office in the UAE and with Indonesia and Malaysia upcoming) and growing rapidly to other countries, IFDC is a leading advocate for Islamic fashion and design (arts, gadgets, architecture, interiors, etc. ) professionals and aspiring talent, has an array of products, services, and effective training programs for all levels. The platform is designed to ensure the success of the Islamic fashion and design in the global marketplace as they facilitate the industry players in accessing the vast growth potential.
IFDC aligns itself with leading and budding mainstream and Islamic fashion and design brands, government organizations, institutions, corporations, media, global conferences, events, and fashion weeks to ensure a powerful, sustainable and supportive presence. IFDC's current initiatives include collaborations on iFash™ courses at the French fashion design school, Esmod, IFDC's Pop-Up Design School, fashion weeks in multiple cities, IFDC's exciting Cover Magazine, the revolutionary Pret-A-Cover™ retail program, Research initiatives and focus groups, IFDC's BOMFD and marquis events for all industry players and consumers. IFDC continues to build on its vision to provide products and services designed to help the Islamic fashion (iFash™) and the Islamic design (iDez™) industry develop and succeed.



The industrial business and workforce in Turin’s Piedmont region, refocused their efforts towards new market opportunities. The changes in global value chains have shifted centers of production and are forcing businesses to adapt as well. As Torino has a deep tradition in fashion and textile manufactures, there is a huge connection between Italy’s fashion industry and the modest fashion sector of the Islamic economy.
The modest fashion represent a deep market for the local economy as this region has a growing population linked to the Muslim religion located in Piemonte territory. Torino has a huge interest in creating deep relationships with this emerging market, therefore the city is more and more involved in events and activities connected to those issues.

The Islamic finance is one of the main topic investigated. In 2015 and again in March 2017 the city hosted the Turin Islamic Economic Forum, a multitask seminar related to the Islamic economy, focused on the new business opportunities coming from that world.
One of the main topic discussed during the forum was the modest fashion, that, as the latest statistics pointed out, has a huge potential of development. Muslim expenditure on clothing last year was worth $ 266 billion and its estimated to reach $ 485 billion in 2019. As part of this Muslim expenditure on clothing, modest fashion is rapidly-growing sector.



The Torino Fashion week will host the Islamic Fashion and Design council giving them the opportunity to talk about this important market focusing on the real meaning of Modest Fashion.
The IFDC will collaborate with the TFW team to promote the event in the world and will support the press and communication activities.
On the 3rd of July 2017  there will be a dedicated catwalk show from companies/brands and designers coming from Islamic countries.
The IFDC Founder & Chairwoman, Ms Alia Khan,  will present, before the catwalk, the role of the Council and their expertise.




Based in Dubai, UAE, Alia Khan is the Founder and Chairwoman of Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC)
Raised in Canada and the USA, Alia worked on her own fashion creations with a fusion twist. Soon, she was producing unique fashion shows, events, and media programs, which led to setting up her own independent media and marketing company in Los Angeles. Winning high profile clients like Procter and Gamble and taking the lead on international projects was what lead her to significant exposure.
In 2005 Alia relocated from California to Dubai to complete several projects in the GCC and MENA region before moving to Jordan to further her Islamic studies at Qasid Institute. Upon completion, her philanthropic interest in the development of the underprivileged areas of the Muslim world became a priority. Today Alia’s charity provides solutions through the aid of top educators and experts from around the world who’ve joined in her commitment to upgrade education systems and eradicate malnutrition with an effective food program. Along the way, Alia discovered great artistic and design talent, whom she has become a promotional voice for through IFDC.

As a result of meeting top education and development experts, Alia received additional training on how to teach the art of success to the students and teachers of these villages.
Since being back in the work scene, Alia with the support of her IFDC team, training programs, and commercial initiatives, is determined to fill the void that she’s identified in the Islamic fashion and arts industry. She has made historic deals with global retailers, fashion weeks, and media to open immense doors for the industry players that were only open to mainstream fashion players until now. She has spearheaded partnerships with key entities around the world to develop an unprecedented global network now well known as IFDC. This, along with the creation of IFDC’s brands like Pret-A-Cover™, a new shopping category like pret a porter, couture, or active wear, as well as COVER Magazine, Business of Modest Fashion and Design events, IFDC Pop-Up Design Schools, Modest Man, iDez arts and design, the Modest Channel, and more are among the many initiatives that makes Alia’s vision revolutionary for the Islamic/modest fashion and design industry. 

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