Torino FashionMatch 2017 Brokerage Event


29/30 June_PROGRAMME   


THUSDAY, 29th  JUNE 2017


  • 9.30 - 12.30 : Brokerage event
  • 12.30  - 13.30 : Lunch break
  • 13.30 - 16.30 : Brokerage event
  • 16.30  - 16.45: coffee break
  • 16.45 - 18.30 :Workshop Innovation and new trends in the fashion industry



Torino Fashion Week's Team Party at  Murazzi del Po n. 5 Torino.


Innovation and new trends in the fashion industry


  • CNA FederModa (the National Confederation for Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises), IT
    Consumer goods and law: the made in Italy and the ethical fashion

    Mr. Vitaliano Alessio Stefanoni, Head Manager of Federmoda Association, CNA Torino
    Mrs. Rossella Calabrò , President of FederModa Association, CNA Torino


  • Amsterdam Chamber of commerce , Fatma Sener (NL)
    How to start Entrepreneurship in fashion. From ambition to catwalk, business class that will land you to the fashion business
    Nowadays many people rush into setting up a fashion business, attracted by the perceived glamour and fun that is associated with the fashion industry. There are wonderful fairy tale stories of young talented designers graduating from school and then going off to achieve fame and fortune. The stories we hear less of are those that describe all of the failed companies and dashed hopes that are the cruel reality of this industry. That is the reason why a good considered mental preparation is required.
    When building a fashion business, there are a lot of financial, legal and business questions you need to ask yourself. “How am I going to raise money? Who are my competitors? I’m not going to focus on those types of questions here. In this business class I want to focus on the emotional skills that are needed for to start a company in the new fashion economy. I’m going to focus on emotion and behavior. Because in a market with many offer, emotional skills are nowadays the important key for success for a successful fashion company.
    For whom: This class is interesting for entrepreneurs who are working in the fashion business. After the class you have a picture of the required behavior to be an successful entrepreneur in the fashion business; You will be aware what is emotional needed to start or to run a business in the fashion.


  • The Garrison Group, Mr. Matteo Rinaldi
    Senior Consultant  Country Manager – Italy_ Luxury Management

    Nowadays, building a successful business is more challenging than ever. The incredibly high competition, the fast pace of changing technologies and practices, and the access customers have to information, as well as the ease they enjoy to change from one brand to another makes the business endeavor one of the most difficult ones out there. Moreover, the fashion and design industry portrays and even harder reality for entrepreneurs. Taking into account that clothes and fashion accessories represent an almost completely commoditize market, and that consumers will only wear what they think and feel represents them better, makes of differentiation the key success factor of the industry. Then, how to differentiate our business in such a variable, ever-changing and highly competitive market? The answer lies in the consumer and in a human-centric approach of marketing.

    By understanding consumers as human beings we will  be able to uncover the key for anticipating consumers actions, specially their purchase decision-making process. We will know how to “talk” to them in a way that will allow us to create an engaging relationship between them and our brands, resulting in exponential growth for our business, regardless of what competitors are doing. Creating a trend is not causality. Garrison Group, specialized strategic marketing resource dedicated to achieving exponential growth for hundreds of brand all over the world, has developed a mathematical model to create successful brands in the fashion industry. Come and meet us during the Torino Fashion Week to know more about it.


FRIDAY, 30th  JUNE 2017

  • 9.30  - 13.30 : Brokerage event
  • 13.30  - 14.30 :  Lunch break
  • 14.30  - 16.30 : Workshop Round Table on digital services and trends and case studies in  the fashion industry



  • 21.00  - 23.00: Torino Fashion Week catwalk shows


Round Table:
Digital services new trends and case studies in the Fashion industry

Moderator: Roberto Strocco, Head Office – Project and Local Development Area, Unioncamere Piemonte


  • Islamic Fashion Council (IFDC)
    Founder & President Ms Alia Khan

    IFDC is the world's leading modest fashion and design council representing the Islamic economy and its stakeholders. With offices in 10 countries (HQ in NY, USA, other offices: UK, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Canada, Pakistan, and an affiliate office in the UAE and with Indonesia and Malaysia upcoming) and growing rapidly to other countries, IFDC is a leading advocate for Islamic fashion and design (arts, gadgets, architecture, interiors, etc. ) professionals and aspiring talent, has an array of products, services, and effective training programs for all levels. The platform is designed to ensure the success of the Islamic fashion and design in the global marketplace as they facilitate the industry players in accessing the vast growth potential. IFDC aligns itself with leading and budding mainstream and Islamic fashion and design brands, government organizations, institutions, corporations, media, global conferences, events, and fashion weeks to ensure a powerful, sustainable and supportive presence. IFDC's current initiatives include collaborations on iFash™ courses at the French fashion design school, Esmod, IFDC's Pop-Up Design School, fashion weeks in multiple cities, IFDC's exciting Cover Magazine, the revolutionary Pret-A-Cover™ retail program, Research initiatives and focus groups, IFDC's BOMFD and marquis events for all industry players and consumers. IFDC continues to build on its vision to provide products and services designed to help the Islamic fashion (iFash™) and the Islamic design (iDez™) industry develop and succeed.


  • Miroglio Group srl (tbc)
    Mr. Raineri
    The Miroglio Group is an Italian industrial company operating since 1947 in textiles and in fashion. The Group operates in 34 countries through 49 operating companies and 4 industrial sites.
    Through the companies Miroglio Fashion, Miroglio Textile and M2Log, the Group operates in the following areas: Fashion; Textile;The Supply Chain Management 


  • The Fashion Technology accelerator (IT)

    What’s next in fashion and retail industry? How can startups redesign models and trends?
    Ms.Giusy Cannone 

    The fashion and retail industry are facing an unprecedented period of changes and dynamism. Technology drivers and sociological and behavioral shifts have driven a series of innovation, brought quite often into the market from startups that sometimes better than established companies can lead and adapt to changing of paradigms. Mass customization, smart textile, connected retails, mobility, sustainability, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are some of the trends which are established or entering the market.


  • Drunkalka (Bulgaria)
    On line services for fashion brands
    Alexander Sendall 
    British-Bulgarian company providing services for online businesses. They help businesses get online and keep them on the path of growth. Based in Bulgaria they work with European and International clients. From the outset, they offer careful management of the digital aspects of the company business to ensure quality of the work we carry out.


  • I-DEAL srl  (Italy)
    ISize You: No more size mismatching
    Mr. Alessandro Canepa
    I-Deal S.R.L. is the development in form of corporation of the autonomous activities, with more than 15 year experience in business and research in the field of IT, clothing and research of its founders. Company activity is focused on an original know how of the company, which joints a deep knowledge of textile and clothing business, in particular in the research fields of production, energy, management and interoperability on one side and of IT, mathematics and organization of the other. The business experience has been enriched by a long lasting participation into Ec funded projects of its founders. i-Deal has also developed and is testing an original and specific know how in the systems to support clothing on line sales, and in particular an innovative solution to match clothing sizes and consumers measures to optimize consumers choice.



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