Tirana Business Matching 2019

FAQ Payments


  • Where can I make the payment?
  • Where can I download the invoice in PDF format?
  • How to remove the "Proforma Invoice" notice?
  • Credit Card Payment fails
  • I need another Invoice address
  • Payment via Bank Transfer?


Where can I make the payment?
Once you are registered and validated you can make your payment via the Tab: "Payment" in your Dashboard 

Where can I download the invoice in PDF format?
In the "Payment" form you can find a Button "Download Invoice"

How to remove the "Proforma Invoice" notice?
Once you have made your payment this "proforma" notice will be removed automatically. You just have to re-download the invoice.

Credit Card Payment fails

A typical reason for non successful payment is that the payment is declined by the customer's bank due to several reasons. When a charge is submitted to the bank they have automated systems that determine whether or not to authorize it. These systems take various signals into account, such as your customer’s spending habits, account balance, and card information like the expiration date and CVC.

Way out?
* Try to make the payment later
* Use another Credit Card
* Make your payment via Bank Transfer

I need another Invoice address

In case you need an Invoice address which differs from your inserted contact data please proceed as follows.
The following changes have to be made before the payment has been done.

  1. Change your contact details as it should be shown on the invoice address (see Tab: Registration)
  2. Check your Invoice via the Tab: Payment | Click on "Download Invoice"
  3. In case the invoice is fine make your payment
  4. Afterwards please change back your contact details (this will not influence your PDF invoice download)

If you have made your payment already and still need some update on the invoice please send an email to "support@b2match.com" indicating the proper invoice address. We will then reset your invoice.

Payment via Bank Transfer?

In case you have no possibility to make an online payment via Credit Card please make your payment via Bank Transfer on the bank account indicated below. In your Dashboard check the Tab "Payment". There you will find a Button "Download Invoice". It will open a proforma PDF invoice. Once we have received your payment we will validated the payment immediately. Afterwards you will receive an email having attached the Invoice as PDF file (without the "Proforma" notice).

Invoice is issued by:
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana
Street of Kavaja, Nr.6
1001 Tirana | Albania

Bank related details:
Name: Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a
IBAN: AL60202110130000000060001408
Address: Street of Kavaja | 1001 Tirana | Albania

Payment Reference: Tirana Business Matching 2017 - Last name and your participant ID number
Example: Tirana Business Matching 2017 – Haxhillari (001)
Your participant ID is indicated on the “Proforma” Invoice.
When making the payment please make sure that the full fee is forwarded and any bank charges are covered by the participant.



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