Subcontractor Connect 2016 - Brokerage Event

Welcome to Subcontractor Connect 2016

face to face meetings - the way to successful business!
Startsida Möte

The match-making event at Elmia Subcontractor November 8-9th brings together companies (buyers as well as suppliers) from a large number of European countries.
This is a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts and contracts.
The model is time - and cost efficient and result in business! Meetings will take place in a dedicated area and will be arranged in advance by means of this website.

Visit the HOW IT WORKS page to learn how to participate.
Remember that meetings are essential for doing business!

Deadline for booking meetings with the buyers is the 26th of October!
Deadline for booking meetings with other participants is the 2nd of November.

For whom?

For companies within or who has an interest in metal working and the automotive industry within the sectors that Elmia Subcontractor focuses on:

  • Manufacturing methods
  • Products and components
  • Material, raw-material and semi- finished products
  • Design & development
  • Tools & fixtures - custom-made
  • Organisations & services

Why participate?

  • As purchaser - you have the possibility to find qualified European suppliers during effective one-to one meetings
  • As market/sales manager - you have the possibility to find new European customers and create network of mutual interest in for example system supplies.
  • As product developer - you have the possibility to find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions.
  • Market - your company on an international market
  • Measure - the competitiveness of your own company.



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closed since 1 Nov 2016
Registration 1 May – 1 Nov
Meeting Selection 1 May – 9 Nov
Event 8 Nov – 9 Nov
Language English
Costs 0/2995/3995 SEK
Venue Elmia fair Jönköping, Sweden - Hall D
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 78
Meetings 191
Czech Republic 4
Finland 3
France 3
Germany 3
India 2
Ireland 7
Italy 3
Latvia 4
Lithuania 3
Netherlands 8
Norway 1
Poland 7
Slovak Republic 1
Spain 1
Sweden 22
Thailand 5
Turkey 1
Total 78
Profile Views
Before Event7037
After Event 2992