Subcontracting Meetings 2016



The SUBCONTRACTING MEETINGS, which are international cooperative meetings, constitute a key element of the SUBCONTRACTING Fair. They are thus a great opportunity, the efficiency of which was proven during last  edition, to build permanent  relations with subcontracting tenderers as well as potential ordering parties.The cooperation meetings will be held on the second and third day of SUBCONTRACTING, ITM POLAND and FOCAST trade fairs i.e. 8-9 June 2016 at 11.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.


We would like to invite to participate in the meetings:

  • SUBCONTRACTING exhibitors - providing subcontracting services (more
  • ITM POLAND exhibitors - presenting machinery, equipment and industrial technologies (more
  • FOCAST exhibitors - presenting foundry machinery, technologies and products (more
  • Visitors – producers looking for new subcontractors or interested in investing in new industrial technologies

The above mentioned can participate in the meetings free of charge.


By registering you will have the opportunity to

  • conveniently search for potential partners by the branch, as well as by the offers presented or by reported subcontracting demand
  • face-to-face meeting with potential partner
  • additional form of promotion of your company.


Why to look for subcontractors in Poland?

  • stable economy
  • industry with cutting-edge machinery park and qualified professionals
  • convenient location
  • competitive price

 Participation in meetings is free of charge for purchasers of services. Only the exhibitors of SUBCONTRACTING, ITM POLAND  and FOCAST can present their subcontracting services.

 Register and join us!


Dates for your agenda

Deadlines Tasks
until 25.02.

Registration and submission of a cooperation profile

9.05. - 31.05.

Online selection of face-to-face meetings


Bilateral meetings
11:00 - 16:00


The earlier you submit your cooperation profile the more it will be recognized.

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