Sport Tech Match 2017

Start-up Lounge / Exhibition

Carver: A new full body exercise bike from the Dutch

Carver is the first crosstrainer bike for active outdoor training. Dutch designer Hanco Ravelli succeeded to combine the full body exercise of the crosstrainer with a mountainbike.  Carver was especially designed for an intensive, fun and healthy experience.  With this “full body workout” you can be fully trained in only 30 minutes a day.  The Carver is also recommended as a therapeutic training product. From now on: avoid your gym and start this fun new exercise directly out of your own home. Come on, let’s go carving.

EPSI is a networking organisation that focuses on innovation in the area of physical activity related to sport, leisure and health in Europe. EPSI strives for a more innovation-friendly environment for the EU’s sports industry to stimulate technological innovation and to set up innovative technology businesses. Enhancing performance in sports, stimulating an active lifestyle through sport and movement and creation of new business. Innovation in sports is an important factor in nowadays companies’ success. The European Platform for Sports Innovation is on EU level the partner of the sports sector to stimulate and strengthen the innovation power.

Flam王D is the Flemish 3D-printing cluster organisation representing over 70 Companies and Research Institutes. Our goal is to promote all aspects of 3D printing and facilitate and support the creation new value chains.

From R&D excellence up to your home-delivered 3D-printed solution: Flanders offers world class 3D-printing goods and services, with expertise on all sectors, materials and technologies. Involved in 3D-printing from the very beginning, Flanders also has the Human Resources to make it – for you, in every dimension.

The 王-BIKE represents the combined expertise of over 15 companies and research institutes, demonstrating the endless possibilities of 3D-printing in the region.

Flanders bike valley is the Flemish cluster for the wider cycle industry and has a state-of-the art windtunnel at their headquarter in Paal. They also run a popular sports food restaurant at their premises.

Magnic Innovations was funded by the most successful German Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the world’s first contactless rim dynamo 2012. Magnic Light works on pure aluminium (metal) wheels. A tiny 62g-light unit generates never-ending bright light without batteries, without wheel-contact, without cables, and without noticeable resistance. When the wheel spins, magnets inside the generator induce eddy currents with corresponding magnetic fields in the conductive rim, which in turn interact with the magnets in the generator inducing electric current in coils. The patent applications have been granted worldwide in the meantime.

Magnic Light was awarded with the ISPO Munich Brandnew Award as winner of the category bike parts, has received the "Special mention" German Design Award 2015 and is winner of the Europe’s biggest environmental & business award GreenTec Awards 2016. In June 2017 the company will start a new Crowdfunding campaign for the word’s first brakeshoe with integrated contactless generator-light.

OberBike GmbH and the brand URBAM Bamboo Bikes was created with the idea of making the bicycle itself as sustainable and ecological as the act of cycling. The mecanical properties of natural materials can be surprising and impressive and we are willing to re-explore their use.

We develop a range of bikes based on a bamboo frame and always look for new solutions to switch to natural or recycled materials for other parts equally.

Rockwell GmbH develops and sells innovative and patentend bike and ski helmets, as well as matching innovative sun and ski goggles. The company has been active on the German, Austrian and Dutch market since 2016.

  • The Best of Belgian’s Businesses

Not only famous for the delicious food but also for the sports heritage and competitive SMEs.  They have many spin-offs and small companies who are active in sports technology. They will show what they are made off at this general stand.

Uscoutfor started as a talent platform for the community. The new technology records matches automatically and uses behavioral analysis to detect goals and analyze matches. By offering a low cost camera system the company offers clubs at any level the following: live broadcasting of matches for fans and sponsors; automatically detect goals and capture the highlights; use push notification to distribute the highlights for social sharing; offer technical staff complete match analysis after the match; video that can be used with any video analysis tool.

The VELOSPEEDER is a miniaturized standard motor for bicycles (500g) without any disturbing side effects and largely maintenance-free. The electric bicycle retains its classic light-weight design, weighing only 1/5 of the total weight of a conventional pedelec drive. No additional frictional resistance during normal cycling.

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