Space week Italy 2017


SPACE week 2017 in Rome / Italy

Established in 2013 with the aim of promoting opportunities offered by the European Commission under the space  Horizon 2020 programme, the 3rd edition of the SPACE Week 2017 will  aim to provide new opportunities and competitive advantages in science and technology for the participants.  It offers strategic networking opportunities and it is addressed to universities, research centers, industries, SMEs and SME associations or local administrations.

> Organisers

 The event is organized by APRE, in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and thanks to the support of the COSMOS 2020 project (Horizon 2020 SPACE NCP) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). 


> General Programme


    NOVEMBER 21, 2017                        > 1 DAY | Horizon 2020, International info-day

    NOVEMBER 22, 2017                        > 2 DAY | Copernicus International day

    NOVEMBER 23, 2017                        > 3 DAY | SITE VISIT 




This 3rd edition of the SPACE week in Rome aims:

  • to get to know the new space Horizon 2020 work programme to foster the creation of consortia for the upcoming 2018-2020 space calls;
  • to learn more about the opportunites offered by the European Commission’s flagships Copernicus and Galileo;
  • to increase the awareness of international partners countries stakeholders on research/technological opportunities under Horizon 2020/Copernicus and Galileo;
  • to raise awareness of the benefits offered by Copernicus and Earth Observation services. 

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What’s in for you as a potential participant?

  • find & meet your next technology partner/end user through brief and sharp (20 minute) meetings;
  • build quality partnerships in the Space sector;
  • pave the way to long-term technological, service collaborations based on tech transfer, innovation and service activities, to boost business and offering competitive advantage to your own clients;
  • find out and discuss about market trends and innovations with a focus on new European Space Strategy and the forthcoming opportunities launched through the Copernicus & Horizon 2020 programmes;
  • promote your research results, technologies and know-how fostering effective networking between industrial/research partners.

Poster and Exhibitors

International partner countries corner 

The international partner countries delegations who will attend the event will have the chance to have a booth to represent the own delegation.                                                                                           

Poster session 

A selected number of posters will be displayed in the brokerage event area (first came first served bases).                                                                         

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< Last edition: SPACE week 2015 >


Highligths from the 2015 event:

  • 477 total registered;
  • 180 participants at the brokerage event;
  • 400 successfully bilateral meetings organized;



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closed since 8 Nov 2017
Registration 25 May – 8 Nov
Meeting Selection 8 Nov – 19 Nov
Event 21 Nov – 24 Nov
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Italian Space Agency
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 203
Meetings 357
Argentina 2
Australia 1
Belgium 8
Brazil 1
Bulgaria 1
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 1
Estonia 2
France 11
Georgia 2
Germany 2
Greece 3
Israel 1
Italy 318
Lithuania 6
Mexico 1
Netherlands 2
Poland 4
Portugal 4
Republic of Macedonia 1
Russia 2
Serbia 1
Slovenia 1
South Africa 1
Spain 7
Tunisia 1
Turkey 6
Ucraina 1
United Kingdom 3
United States of America 1
Total 396
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Before Event9210
After Event 4981