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International Cooperation in Research and Innovation

International cooperation in research and innovation is possible thanks to Horizon 2020, the new Framework programme of the European Union. The European Union is a world leader in research and innovation. With the 7% of the world's population, it accounts for 24% of the world expenditure on research, 32% of the high impact publications and 32% of the patent applications. Horizon 2020 is the most open research and innovation programme in the world. Researchers from all over the globe can be part of Horizon 2020.
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Eligibility for funding

Regarding funding, we can distinguish between countries that are automatically eligible for funding and those that are not.

Automatically eligible for funding Not automatically eligible for funding

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Call CONACYT-Horizon2020 - The National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT) launched the call CONACYT-H2020, where public and private Mexican institutions are invited to register a pre-proposal to be a part of an European Consortium according to the calls published by the European Commission (EC) in the framework of the Program Horizon2020

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All Argentinean legal entities are eligible to receive funding through Horizon 2020 (European Commission Decision C(2014)4995). The Argentinean Bureau for Enhancing Cooperation with the European Union (ABEST III), will help you expanding cooperation with Argentinean counterparts, and create synergies with other collaborative initiatives such as the Programme for Strengthening Competitiveness of SMEs and Job Creation in Argentina (NANOPyMEs); the Reciprocal Cooperation Agreement with the European Cooperation Program in Science and Technology (COST); the Implementing Arrangement with the European Commission for Providing Research Opportunities in Europe for Argentinean Researchers (MINCyT-ERC); the Business Cooperation Centre of the Enterprise Europe Network (BCC-EEN).

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Applicants from Japan are eligible to take part in most Horizon 2020 project, even as coordinator. However, all proposals must meet certain minimum conditions (in Rules for Participation) and participants from Japan do not automatically receive funding.

The JEUPISTE Project (Japan-EU Partnership in Innovation, Science and Technology) and the National Contact Point Japan will help you expanding cooperation with Japanese counterparts and provide information on integrating Japanese partners in Horizon 2020 project.

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