4th International B2B Software Days 2017

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Martin Zeiner / organization
Austria, Wien
Martin Zeiner,
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Birgit Reiter-Braunwieser, MA / organization
Austria, Vienna
Birgit Reiter-Braunwieser, MA, Director Central and Eastern Europe
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Free consulting service for Non-Austrian companies. Foreign companies aiming to establish their own business in Austria can get free information and support from us. As a governmental agency, our services are cost free. We provide professional consulting services to firms interested in setting up business operations in Austria, focusing on all… More…

Guenther Nadbath / organization
Austria, Wien
Guenther Nadbath, CEO
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Software Simulation Tools for Embedded Processors (CISC, RISC, DSP, VLIW). Multi-core, high-speed simulation tool for embedded processors. The simulator tool shall be adaptable to a variety of different architectures by introducing a generator tool capable of automatically creating parts of the simulation kernel based on an architecture description of the respective… More…

Georg Simhandl / organization
Austria, Vienna
Georg Simhandl, CEO
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Secure Firmware Over-The-Air Update. I am leading the project "SecurIoTy - Secure Firmware Over-The-Air Update for Industrial Internet-of-Things" whereas we focus on secure and efficient software over-the-air updates for IoT devices, eliminating costly manual updates and making even tiny devices secure. We are looking for IoT… More…
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Low-Power Wide Area Networks (i.e. LoRaWAN). Adaptivia is a pioneer in long-range wireless sensor networks. Our low-power networks are in operation for years, in the field of agriculture, smart city and predictive maintenance. We offer ready-to-install systems as well as professional engineering support for custom solution. To keep your… More…
Expertise Expertise IoT and Blockchain Technology in Logistics - Looking for consortium and/or consortium members. In the role of a post-doc researcher at the University of Vienna I'll investigate the impact of Internet-of-Things and blockchain technology on logistics. In close cooperation with industrial partners we aim to proof the concept of "autonomous freight" - boost efficiency and significantly reduce… More…

Miroslav Konecny / organization
Slovak Republic, Malacky
Miroslav Konecny, senior project manager
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Innovation development services. INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT R&D business case development usability focus (user oriented) technology assessment R&D PROJECT DELIVERY user requirements management societal accents and impact exploitation strategy More…

Matthias Grabner / organization
Austria, Wien
Matthias Grabner, Projectmanager Technology
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Shay Yusfan / organization
Israel, Tel-Aviv
Shay Yusfan, Business development
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Israel. ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is Austria’s official trade promotion organisation. With its more than 110 offices in over 70 countries, it provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. It works to generate more… More…

Ahter Sonmez / organization
Turkey, Istanbul
Ahter Sonmez, CEO
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Intelligent Music Royalty Reporting. More…

Ferdinand Aicher / organization
Austria, Ulrichskirchen
Ferdinand Aicher, GF
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Event triggered communication man2man or man2machine . . . .. Any even triggered communication solutions in the telecommunication environment. Also services in the automotive- and Aerospace development. Embedded systems, Prototyping.    More…

Martin Povazay / organization
Austria, Vienna
Martin Povazay, Senior Wizard
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer AI based Information Management Software. More…
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Partnership: customer focussed solutions - information & knowledge based management software. We are looking for partners focussed on delivering innovative solutions to the customer and customize our semDAV System for the individual customer need. Based on semDAV, innovative customer specific Solutions (f.e. in Document Management, eHealth Documentation and Management, Customer Relationship… More…

Attila Liszt / organization
Hungary, Budapest
Attila Liszt, Solution Sales Manager
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Daniel Szollosi / organization
Hungary, Budapest
Daniel Szollosi, CEO
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Windows 8 development. Experienced Windows 8 developers for remote work or outsource More…
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Portal development. Heavy portal development experience: online collaboration, interfaces, workflow, eDM We take projects or outsource experienced web frontend and backend developers with Sitecore, Umbraco and Microsoft certifications. More…
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Android, iOS, Windows Phone development. Bespoke business application development on mobile platforms    More…

Tamás Cseh / organization
Hungary, Budapest
Tamás Cseh, Solution Sales Manager
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Branislav Djurkovic / organization
Serbia, Belgrade
Branislav Djurkovic, CEO
Innovation Request Innovation Request Channel partners needed. We are looking for channel partners, distributors and implementation consultants. First level of customer support is also expected from the partner, and possibly software maintenance and further development in the next stage. Cooperation model is proven, Apollo has a long term experience of… More…

Peter Dohanyos / organization
Slovak Republic, Bratislava
Peter Dohanyos, Business Development
Innovation Request Innovation Request Privacy preserving document life-cycle processes. Fit into Law Enforcement capabilities topic 5: Identity Management - FCT-09-2015 Basic idea, short description - Enhancement of eID management and processes - Biometrics based trusted services - Advanced biometric and forensic technologies for law enforcement Current competences - Project… More…
Innovation Request Innovation Request Border Security and External Security. Fit into Border crossing points topic 2: Exploring new modalities in biometric-based border checks – BES-06-2015 or Border crossing points topic 1: Novel mobility concepts for land border security – BES-05-2015 Main idea - Effective methods for monitoring and fast identification at borders -… More…
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Secure communication / document protection / eID. Our competences and experience: Project coordination or WP leader Expertise in document protection, eID Expertise in secure communication Combination of biometrics and administrative processes Assistance to build the consortium More…

Florin Lianu / organization
Florin Lianu, Consultant Enterprise Europe Network
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Pedro Carvalho / organization
Portugal, Leiria
Pedro Carvalho, CEO
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Mark Engelhardt / organization
Hungary, Gyor
Mark Engelhardt, Sales Consultant
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Guenther Schabhuettl / organization
Israel, Tel Aviv
Guenther Schabhuettl, Wirtschaftsdelegierter in Tel Aviv / Head of Advantageaustria Tel Aviv
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure. Industry 4.0 is the buzzword in Europe since 2014. The integration of customers and suppliers systems offers business opportunities but also brings potential security risks with it. In Israel both government and private sector work on solutions to face future security challenges. I am looking for… More…

Marcus Lebesmühlbacher / organization
Austria, Wien
Marcus Lebesmühlbacher, Programme Manager
Expertise Expertise Startup+Corporate Matching-Service ___ aws Industry-Startup.Net. Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) is the Austrian Economic Development Bank. It offers a new programme that acts as a door opener for both start-ups and established businesses in order to trigger mutually beneficial cooperations. We leverage on our large network in order to get the founders of the… More…

Irina Slosar / organization
Austria, Vienna
Irina Slosar, EUREKA deputy NPC
Innovation Offer Innovation Offer Funding consultation for EUREKA. Eurostars and Celtic-plus Projects for Austrian participants. FFG processes the Austrian EUREKA/Eurostars/Celtic-plus applications and can provide co-funding for Austrian companies participating in EUREKA projects More…

Joerg Nachbaur / organization
Austria, Vienna
Joerg Nachbaur, Commitee-Manager
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Karl Grün / organization
Austria, Vienna
Karl Grün, Director Standards Development
Expertise Expertise Standardisation. More…

Bernd Dr. Litzka / organization
Austria, Vienna
Bernd Dr. Litzka, Programm Manager
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