4th International B2B Software Days 2017

EUREKA Open Space for R&D Projects

EUREKA Open Space is a full-day workshop, offering some insights on the opportunities of the Eureka Network at the beginning, followed by project pitches for collaboration (at least 20 projects shall be presented) and a short presentation on how to write a good proposal at the end of the event .

Open Space will focus on the following topics:

  • Internet of Things
  • Data Driven Business
  • Driverless Transportation
  • Intelligent Energy Networks

This selection represents Austria's strength in the field of ICT; however, we are still open to replace some of them with other topics, according to the response of companies interested in international collaboration.

We are kindly inviting you to propose an idea for a R&D project which you would like to implement in an international team, with other companies and research organizations.

Please send the project description as powerpoint presentation to eureka@ffg.at until 15 March 2017including information on

1) Core competences of the company (max. 2 pages)

2) Goal of the project and the technical challenges expected (max. 4 pages)

3) Expertise you are providing for the project (max. 1 pages)

4) Expertise of partners sought (max. 2 pages)


The 20 best projects will be presented during the event, others will be published here.

Project preparatory activities with partners are supposed to start on site.

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