Be Smart, Think Blue

Be Smart, Think Blue Conference 2016

19 September 2016


Smart specialisation represents a means by which regions can benefit economically from specialising in a particular area of science and technology. It is a key concept in the effort to boost innovation around the EU and is central to priority-setting for Europe's economic development. Applying smart specialisation, regional development and growth become knowledge and innovation-driven, thereby stimulating structural change. Understanding the role of smart specialisation in enhancing the European blue growth sector is prerequisite to successfully availing of the sea of opportunities open to maritime stakeholders.

The first day of the event, 19th September 2016, will provide attendees with comprehensive insights into smart blue specialisations, including examples of success stories and reflections on the major current challenges in the Baltic Sea region and across Europe. The presentations on the day will draw on the work carried out as part of a number of recent and ongoing projects and other initiatives promoting research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3).

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Reasons to attend the conference

  • Take part in high-level discussions on smart blue specialisations

  • Meet representatives of leading stakeholders and decision-makers

  • Present, discuss and develop project ideas at international level

  • Initiate new research and business partnerships dedicated to the blue growth via an entrepreneurial discovery process

  • Find out more about funding opportunities for marine and maritime R&I projects


By registering for day 2 of the event on 20th September 2016, participants of the ‘Be Smart, Think Blue’ Conference will enjoy a unique opportunity to foster their innovative ideas by making use opprotunity to share ideas with other stakeholders concerning the open blue growth topics in Horizon 2020 on the second day of the event.


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