Innovat&Match 2016

Grants programme



  On the occasion of Innovat&Match 2016, up to 10 grants have been made available to financially support the participation of foreign organizations and individuals in the brokerage event taking place in Bologna, Italy. Eligible candidates come from Countries which are members of the Enterprise Europe Network, both European (except from Italy) and non-European.
  • Are you a researcher or do you work in R&D for a company?
  • Do you work in one of the countries part of the Enterprise Europe Network –except from Italy?
  • Do you want to meet your potential partner in new projects, research cooperation and technology development? 
  • Have you gained experience in international research cooperation activities?

    ...You can seize the opportunity and receive a grant! It will financially support your trip to the brokerage event in Italy.


How to apply?

In order to apply, you have to register to Innovat&Match.

Read the guidelines - discover criteria for selection and how to accordingly
fill in the registration form. When you are ready to apply, do so via the registration form and fully complete your profile.

Remember: you have to manifest your willingness to apply in the registration form: please, choose Yes in the question related to the Grant participation (see below the example of what you will find).

Deadline for applying: 11 May 2016

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closed since 16 May 2016
Registration 1 Mar – 16 May
Meeting Selection 2 May – 23 May
Event 9 Jun – 10 Jun
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Bologna Fair District, Hall 33-34
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 197
Meetings 640
Austria 1
Bulgaria 3
China 5
Czech Republic 2
Germany 1
Ireland 1
Italy 162
Malawi 1
Malta 3
Poland 3
Romania 4
Russia 1
Rwanda 1
Senegal 1
Slovenia 2
SouthAfrica 1
Spain 1
Turkey 5
Uganda 2
United Kingdom 1
Total 202
Profile Views
Before Event11474
After Event 11705