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Zlatan Car, Prof. / organization
Rijeka Univesity
Rijeka, Croatia
Zlatan Car, Prof., Vice Rector for ICT / Head of the Center
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Zlatan Car, Prof. / organization
Rijeka Univesity
Croatia, Rijeka
Zlatan Car, Prof., Vice Rector for ICT / Head of the Center

About Us

The fundamental educational and research institution in western part of Croatia is the University of Rijeka. It was founded in 1973, following a long-standing tradition of higher education institutions and activities. Today, the University of Rijeka has 14 constituents: one academy, nine faculties and four university departments (biotechnology, physics, mathematics and informatics), with over 48 study programmes. The University has over 1.600 employees, more than 900 researchers and over 18.000 students.

The University has many years of experience in project management, with over 80 successfully implemented international projects over financed from various EU programmes, such as TEMPUS, Lifelong Learning Programme, Jean Monnet, PHARE, Cooperation in Innovation and Research with Central and Eastern Europe CIR-CE, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme – Intelligent Energy Europe (CIP IEE), Framework programmes 5/6/7, NATO Science and Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA components: Human Resources Development, Regional Competitiveness and Cross Border Cooperation), South East Europe, IPA Adriatic and some others.  The majority of projects fit into funding schemes related to higher education and science but nonetheless, projects aiming at establishing tighter relations with external stakeholders are gaining a significant share in a total number of projects since the University sees SME development programmes as the most important economic development factor for Croatia.

Research facilities: High Performance Computing infrastructure environment consist of 96 nodes, 1184 cores, 36 GPGPUs and 55TB of storage. UoR is currently under procurement process of new High Performance Computing infrastructure environment which part will be used for this project.

Research activities: The research activities of the participating research has focus on High Performance Computing, parallel and distributed computing, HPC Cloud Computing infracture on private and public clouds. The research includes High Performance Computing infrastructure environment management, parallel and distributed application development.

Role in the project: UoR will participate in WP4 Optimization process for the localization of ischemic areas with providing High Performance Computing infrastructure environment for parallelisation process of calculation. In WP7 UoR will participate in Exploitation and Dissemination and in WP9 in Coordination and Management with all other partners.

Prof. Zlatan Car, PhD is a vice-rector for ICT and Head of the Center for advance computing and modeling at University of Rijeka. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka 1998. year , in October 1998. he was awarded the grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Japan ( Monbusho ) for young scientists to study at the Kobe University Graduate School of Science and Technology. In the period from April 2000. till April 2003. he studied at the Graduate School of Science and Technology , Kobe University . In the same period, deals with the issue of implementation and use of multi - agent technology and artificial intelligence in the design process , adaptation , control and management of the production plant of modern manufacturing systems and published several papers with the proceedings of international scientific conference papers . From May 2003. he was working as a postdoctoral ( post - doc fellow) at the Faculty of Agriculture , Department of Process Engineering , where he primarily focused on the issues of modeling biological systems with the introduction of the machine learning ( Supported Vector Machines, Neural Networks, Machine Learning ). In February 2004. he started new position at Faculty of engineering University of Rijeka. Since 2010 he is a Head of Center for advance computing and modeling at Rijeka University, and from 2013. he is a vice-rector for ICT at University of Rijeka. His actual research topics are all aspects of artificial intelligence and advance modeling in collaboration with research institutes and industry. Dr. Car has published over 60 papers, and contributed book chapters on advance modeling, AI and complex systems. Apart from his research he is giving lectures on “AI for Engineers and complex systems” at the UoR. He is member of the professional and research societies such us: The Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE), Croatian-Japanese Academic society (general secretary), etc.

Areas of Activity

  • Advanced computing
  • ICT cross-cutting activities
  • International Cooperation actions
  • Research infrastuctures: "e-infrastructures" (EINFRA)
  • SC 6 - ICT in modernising the public sector
  • Factory of the Future
  • H2020 Proposal making


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