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About Sensoria® Health:  Our vision is The Garment is The Computer®. Sensoria’s proprietary sensor infused smart garments, Sensoria® Core microelectronics and cloud system enable smart footwear and clothing products to convert data into actionable information for health and fitness users in real-time. Sensoria develops and markets biometric sensing footwear technologies for consumers and, in the near future, patient activity monitoring. Through textile and pressure sensors inserted in a sock or a shoe, Sensoria powered IoMe (Internet of Me) wearables will collect data on physical activity of gait-impaired patients to improve their lives.



Davide Vigano

Davide Vigano

CEO & Co-Founder



Grant Hughes

Grant Hughes

CSO & Co-Founder



Jeffery J. Stolte

Kelley McCullum

Operating Partner, President Post Acute Services

Frazier Healthcare Ventures


Ravi Kupuraj

Ravi Kuppuraj

Business Leader,

CEO Connected Sensing



Nick Morwood

Nick Morwood

Strategy and Business Development Leader

Philips Connected Health


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