Physics and Chemistry for Health 2017, 24th January, Strasbourg

Discover the technological advances, financing opportunities, and legal environment in the new frontiers of research

Tuesday, 24th January 2017

 Focus on Medecine, Human Health, Chemistry, Electronics, Microelectronics and Robotics

The Sciences and Engineering Supramolecular Institute (ISIS) ICube laboratory, Chemical Institute of Strasbourg are featured in a brokerage event that will showcase alsatian excellence in the fields of chemistry and physics in health and medical technologies. Organized by SATT Conectus Alsace, Enterprise Europe Network Alsace, and their partners, it will prepare future co-operations between participants.

Participants will have the opportunity to participate in conferences and a round-table, to visit ISIS research labs and to meet representatives from private sector industries, universities and research organisations during the day and through and pre-arranged B2B meetings. It will pave the way for future co-operations and collaborative/research european projects. Brokerage activity support will be organised by the members of the Enterprise Europe Network.

Main topics

  • Medecine, Human Health
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics, Microelectronics
  • Automation and Robotics


Why participate ?

  • to find the perfect R&D partner
  • to facilitate the setup of collaborative project
  • to present, discuss and develop new project ideas at international level
  • to initiate cross-border contacts
  • Medical health
  • Medical technologies

: Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory since the number of participants is limited.



22/11/2016 Beginning of registration
15/12/2016-18/01/2017 Online selection of Bilateral /"B2B" meetings
18/01/2017 End of event egistration


Event - Bilateral / "B2B" meetings (14H-17H)

Collaboration profiles submitted early will grant far more visibility.

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closed since 23 Jan 2017
Registration 22 Nov – 23 Jan
Meeting Selection 15 Dec – 23 Jan
Event 24 Jan
Language English/French
Costs Free of charge
Venue 8, Allée Gaspard Monge
Strasbourg, France
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 31
Meetings 47
France 51
Germany 7
Switzerland 1
Total 59
Profile Views
Before Event913
After Event 1258