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Welcome to the Photonics Brokerage Event 2013!

Meet the right project or business partners at the right place!


Enterprise Europe Network Netherlands invites you to the international brokerage event during the Photonics Event 2013.
The Photonics Brokerage Event 2013 is an international brokerage event focused on the enabling photonics technology and related researchers, business partners, suppliers and intermediaries.

The Photonics Event 2013 with its fair, conference and bilateral meetings make it the ideal venue for tailored networking to develop future projects and new business.  The event establishes a bridge between the research world and business. Scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, policy makers, consultants and science students are gathering annually to share their knowledge on photonics and to do business and project networking.

The event takes place at 24th – 25th of April 2013 in the NH Conference Centre Koningshof in Veldhovenclose to Eindhoven. The region around Eindhoven is called the Brainport region. Brainport is the most knowledge intensive and industrialized region in the Netherlands and gives home to multinationals like Philips, ASML, FEI, NXP, DAF Trucks, VDL and many other high tech companies, that in most cases are supplying multinationals.



This networking event will target a wide spectrum of companies, universities and researchers from all over Europe interested in sharing new project ideas, collaboration partners and business opportunities.


Main topics

  • A wide variety of lectures showing the impact of photonics in society and industry.
  • An international fair and knowledge exhibition.
  • A number of activities aimed at meeting and matching.


Why to participate?

  • Attend the combination of an international fair, conference and bilateral meetings.
  • Meet many potential project or business partners in a short time.
  • Meet a number of key players out of the networks and projects around the Framework Programme (Photonics21, Actmost, Jeppix, Photonics4life, Bone, Smethods, Nexpresso, Innopho21, .....).
  • Meet a number of people out of other important international photonics networks (SPIE, EOS, representatives of national and regional clusters, ...).
  • Meet internationally focused researchers.
  • Encounter most recent technologies.
  • Discover latest applications.
  • Meet a wide variety of SMEs, technostarters, OEMs, multinationals and suppliers.
  • Meet the complete Dutch Photonics network.
  • Utilize the network to create new market opportunities.
  • Prepare and choose your meetings in advance.
  • 30 minute meetings.

Language: English

Costs:        Free of charge


Also it is possible to come to the conference programme and the international fair as a visitor. Visiting is also free of charge.


Dates for your agenda

15 April

Registration and submission of a cooperation profile.

15 - 22 April Online selection of face-to-face meetings
Wed, 24 April
Thu, 25 April
Bilateral Meetings (10:30 – 12:35; 14:40 - 16:45)
Bilateral Meetings (10:30 – 12:35; 14:40 - 16:45)

The earlier you submit your collaboration profile the more it will be recognized.


Event Location 

NH Conference Centre Koningshof




In the hotel there are also rooms available to stay during or around the days of event!



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