Partnering Day 2017 - Health Tech Innovations for Successful Business


With our pitching platform we provide an opportunity to present your innovative ideas and research to the audience. In 5 minutes you can create a showcase for your research and project and generate interest for the networking session.

If you want to deliver a pitch please check the Pitch Presentation box in the "Plan your Attendance" section of your Registration.

Two weeks before the event you will receive confirmation and the detailed pitch programme (also published on this site).

Deadlines Pitches



07 Sep: Final Pitch-Participants selection by organiser

07 Sep: Submission of cooperation profile expired

14 Sep: Submission of pitch files



Speaker / Organisation


10.10 - 10.17 Hermann Stern
Graz University of Technology. Inst. for Interactive Systems & Data Science (ISDS)
Design and development of small technological “helpers”, which support the cognitive skills of humans L01
10.17 -  10.24

Karoly  Oriold
Oriold & Co. Ltd

Health project, mental health, rare diseases, psychiatric diagnosis L02
10.24 - 10.31

Ralph Gruber
meemo-tec OG

Mhealth Solutions for Mental Disorders L03
10.31 - 10.38 Manfred Hartbauer
University of Graz, Inst. of Zoology
Bionic algorithm for image contrast enhancement and denoising L04
10.38 - 10.45

Michael Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber
KML vision OG

We put revolutions in image analysis into your hands L05
10.45 - 10.52

Thomas Miklau
Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology - ACMIT

Development of mechatronic and information assisted technology for minimally invasive procedures L06
10:52 - 11:00 Kristian Bredies
University of Graz, Institute for Mathematics and Scientific Computing
Optimization-based mathematical image reconstruction and enhancement algorithms L07
11:00 - 11.30   Coffee Break  
11.30 - 11.37 Christoph Winkler
University of Graz. Dep. of Chemistry, Biocatalysis
Biocatalysis for (enantioselective) organic synthesis L08
11.37 - 11.44

Paul Kutschera
AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft

High-tech PCBs for high-tech medical applications L09
11.44 - 11.51

Rupert Kargl
University of Maribor. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Sensors and Material Science at the University of Maribor L10
11.51 - 11.58 Wolfgang Stiegmaier
Wild GmbH
Contract manufacturer for sophisticated optomechatronical devices in different markets L11
11.58 - 12.05 Jan Hesse
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH – Materials
Roll-to-roll pilot line for large-scale manufacturing of microfludic devices L12
12.05 - 12.12 Selma Mautner
Medical University of Graz. Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Regenerative Medicine L13
12.12 - 12.19 Georgios Georgopoulos
1Cryobio AG
A new technology for handling and storage of biological samples L14
12.19 - 12.26  Christine Moissl-Eichinger
Medical University of Graz. Dep. of Internal Medicine
Research and applications in the field of the human microbiome L15
12.26 - 12.33  Eva Pferschy-Wenzig
University of Graz. Inst. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dep. of Pharmacognosy
Interaction between pharmaceuticals and microbiome L16
12.33 - 12.40 Francesco Greco
Graz University of Technology. Inst. of Solid State Physics
Temporary Tattoo Electrodes for Personal Health Monitoring L17
12.40 - 12.47 Gerhard Mohr
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH – Materials
Indicator Cotton Swabs for Monitoring pH in Wounds L18
12.47 - 12.54 Bence Horvath
Spicy Analytics Kft.
Patient recruitment and pre-screening support for phase II-IV clinical trials and digital adherence programs L19
12.54 - 13.01 Robert Gutounig
Content Strategy for Health Organisations L20
13.01- 13.10 Vedran Đidara
Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments
Possibilities of Eurostar for R&D Projects L21


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