Partneringday 2016 - Solutions for a better life




With our pitching platform we provide an opportunity to present your innovative ideas and research to the audience. In 5 minutes you can create a showcase for your research and project and generate interest for the networking session. It is a platform on the spot profile of your company or research Institute.

Get your Pitch Award:
R&D Pitch: Stratec’s High Potential R&D Award sponsored by Stratec Consumables GmbH
Company Pitch: AUSTIN’s Business Award sponsored by AUSTIN Pock + Partners

Pitches will be judged by an expert jury:
Georg Bauer: SVP Development at STRATEC Biomedical AG
Matthias Fink: Head of Institute for Innovation Management, Johannes Kepler University Linz
Herbert Pock: Partner and CEO at Austin BFP


Session 1    
Gerhard Nussbaum   4D-Joystick
Gisbert Mayr   A VISIONARY Solution for the Informed Consent Process in Clinical Trials
Bela Tözser   Integrated complexes for better life, enhanced bioeconomy and sustainable development
Harutyun Piloyan   Chemical methods of controlling combustion processes
Theodorich Kopetzky   Enable visual process surveillance in its different forms to cope with harsh industrial environments
Jan Hesse   Smart Scout
Bernhard Mingler   High Perform Bio Mat
Dominic Girardi   Ontology-Enabled Domain-Expert-Driven Data Exploration
Session 2    
Roland Stangl   Continuous personalized diagnostic screening for patients with Cystic Fibrosis
Christian Diskus   Prototype for Electrical Stimulation of Ears
Robert Holzer   Diagnostics at the Point-Of-Care: using spectroscopy for immediate results
Mohr Gerhard   Smart Colour Textiles
Barbara Sikic   DPI e-health programme
Robert Wille   EDA for Everyone: Broadening the Application of Methods for Electronic Design Automation


Application for short presentations (Pitches Part 1 & 2):
Call for papers until September 15th, 2016 (closed)


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