OPEN4BUSINESS Matchmaking Event

FAQ - How to manage meetings?

Find below a quick overview how to book, view and accept/decline meeting requests.

To view and manage meetings you have to login via:
a) Menu "Login" (in case you have no password please click "Password forgotten") or
b) Use one of the direct access links you can find in the mailings you have received from the b2match platform


To access the window below please select the Menu "Your Account" and afterwards the Tab "Meetings".


How can I send a meeting request?

  1. Once logged-in click the Menu "Participant" to list all participants.
  2. Use the search filters to the left to reduce the participants list to more suitable matches
  3. Click the button "Request Meeting" next to each profile to send a meeting request.
  4. Participants who do not join the matchmaking sessions have no "Request Meeting" button.
    Note: As long as your counterpart doesn't confirm your request the meeting will not be scheduled.


How can I access and confirm/decline meeting requests?

All incoming and outgoing meeting requests are listed under the Tab: "Meetings" in your Dashboard.
If you can't see the Tab: "Meetings" please click the Menu: "Your Account" to get access to your Dashboard.

* Headline | Open requests
   -> Here you can find all incoming requests which you have not confirmed/declined yet
       To confirm/decline a request please click the button Details

* Headline | Accepted Requests
  --> Here you can find all accepted meeting requests (incoming & outgoing)

* Headline | Pending requests
   --> Your meeting requests ... currently not accepted by the counter part


Where can I see at what time my meetings will take place?

Confirmed meetings will be scheduled some days before the event by the event organizers.
Afterwards you will receive an email alert with your personal meeting schedule.
From this point in time you can also download your meeting schedule via the Tab: "Agenda".
Please note that due to last minute bookings and cancellations your meeting schedule is subject to change any time.
A FINAL version will be handed out at the event reception desk (taking into account last minute updates)


B2Match App | Check your meeting schedule REAL TIME with our App

To quickly access your most recent version of the meeting schedule on your Mobile Phone we encourage to download the B2Match App. Via email/password you can easily sign-in. In case you don't know your password you can also use the App access key shown in the Dashboard.
NOTE: For large events with hundreds of participants the download of the participant list may take 1-3 minutes.




closed since 22 Sep 2017
Registration 26 Apr – 22 Sep
Meeting Selection 15 Aug – 3 Nov
Event 4 Oct – 6 Oct
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Pécs, Hungary
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 144
Meetings 354
Austria 5
Belgium 1
Croatia 19
Czech Republic 2
Finland 14
Germany 11
Hungary 186
India 1
Italy 1
Romania 19
Serbia 4
Slovak Republic 2
Slovenia 6
Spain 2
Total 273
Profile Views
Before Event5076
After Event 2845