OEB MidSummit Matchmaking Platform

How It Works





until June 6


 Publish your profile and your networking wishes

  1. Register for MidSummit and receive log-in details for the MidSummit matchmaking site
  2. Fill out your profile on the matchmaking site
  3. Publish your organisational focus and your collaboration wishes
    The better your profile the more meeting requests you will receive
May 16 - June 6  Book B2B meetings
  • Send meeting requests to fellow participants (meeting requests have to be approved)

June 2

 Personal meeting schedule

  • Find your preliminary meeting schedule online

June 6

 Personal meeting schedule

  • Receive your personal MidSummit schedule via email and online just before the event

June 8 - Juni 9

 Bilateral face-2-face meetings 

  • MidSummit takes place. Your meeting schedule includes the times of plenaries and break-out sessions on the agenda, as well as time and table number of each meeting you accepted
  • Please receive your updated schedule at the matchmaking-reception desk and online


Matchmaking Sessions at MidSummit: Key Facts and Dates

A matchmaking meeting session is the best way to connect with potential partners. During a targeted, one-on-one 15 minute meeting you will have a chance to present, discuss and develop collaboration and build an initial connection, before the bell rings and the next meeting starts.


Register for MidSummit, receive your log-in details and create a meaningful profile

Once you receive your log-in details you can fill out your profile on the MidSummit matchmaking site. Your profile will be visible only to registered fellow participants and you will be able to change it at any time.

A detailed profile serves as your business card and may be viewed up to 150 times before the event. We encourage you to use the opportunity to state:

  • The expertise/technology/solution/product you are offering
  • The cooperation you are looking for
  • The ideas you would like to discuss with potential partners

Note: The better the quality of your profile the more meeting requests you will receive.


Selecting Matchmaking Meeting Sessions

Step 1: Indicating timeslots
Log in, and under the tab "plan your attendance", indicate your interest in taking part in matchmaking sessions by ticking one or multiple checkboxes. These timeslots will be reserved for potential meetings.

Step 2: Explore who you would like to meet with
Intelligent search options on this platform will allow you to identify & select promising, interesting and suitable participant profiles of persons you may like to set up meetings with.

Step 3: Sending and receiving meeting requests
You will receive an email to confirm that you can start to send meeting requests. Requests will be processed from May to early June and will be managed on a “first come, first served basis”. You can make a request, but also "be booked" during the timeslots you indicated in your availability.

Step 4: Your personal schedule
Your matchmaking meeting schedule can be found online and will be sent to you via email a few days before the event. A printed copy will be available at our registration desk at the event. Your schedule provides details on who you will be meeting with, as well as the time and location (tables) of your meetings at the event.

Our staff will be at your disposal during the whole matchmaking event.



closed since 6 Jun 2016
Registration 2 Mar – 6 Jun
Meeting Selection 16 May – 10 Jun
Event 8 Jun – 9 Jun
Venue Hilton Nordica, Reykjavik