Nano Structure Analytics 2016


Representatives of companies, science institutes and other organizations are invited to submit a poster abstract to present their work during the conference. For submission please use the following template: Abstract template

Named as: Thematic-panel-name_Speaker’s-Name(or name of the company/institute)_topic-of-presentation

and send it to the following e-mail address:

Abstract submission is still open. Abstracts will be reviewed by scientific committee, and acceptance notification will be send via e-mail. 



Poster session will be held in each Networking break during the conference and will be accessible to every participant.
Posters will be published in the final program booklet.


Tribological coatings with improved properties (A.O. Mateescu, G. Mateescu)

Photoctalytic coatings with self-cleaning, self-sanitizing and air purifying properties (Clean-Environment) (A.O. Mateescu, G. Mateescu)

Focused ion-beams - tools for fabrication and analysis in the NM-scale (S. Facsko, G. Hlawacek, L. Bischoff and J. von Borany)

Interdisciplinary research towards nanoscience and nanotechnology (A. Chrobak, D. Chrobak)

Combined Neutron and X-ray reflectivity characterization offered by the PAC-Grenoble: microelectronics sensible interfaces as an example (J. Segura-Ruiz, P. Gutfreund, G. Imbert, A. Ponard, R. Cubitt, J. Beaucour)

Production and tailoring of etched ion-track nanopores and nanotubes by ALD  (M.A. Carrillo-Solano, N. Ulrich, A. Spende, C. Trautmann and M.E. Toimil-Molares)

Synthesis of Nanostructured Materials under Concentrated Light (L.L. Sartinska, E. V. Voynich, G.A. Frolov)

Multiscale modelling of Meso-Bio-Nano (MBN) systems with MBN Explorer: biomedical and nanotechnology applications (Alexey V. Verkhovtsev, Andrey V. Korol, Andrey V. Solov’yov)

DESY NanoLab – A Nanoscience Laboratory for Users (Thomas F. Keller, H. Noei, V. Vonk, R. Röhlsberger, A. Stierle)

Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis (NFFA) – A European User Access Platform (Thomas F. Keller, M. Abuin, A. Stierle)




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