Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2017

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The value of health: the 4 P paradigm and the future of healthcare

 13th October 2017




Healthcare is evolving from reactive disease care to care that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory (the so called 4P medicine paradigm). Systems biology and medicine, omics data and the digital revolution are now beginning to provide patients, consumers and physicians with personalized information about each individual’s unique health experience of both health and disease at the molecular, cellular and organ levels.

This approach will allow to personalize care to each person’s unique biology, treating the causes rather than the symptoms of diseases and making their care much more cost effective. In this scenario, consumers and patients will be able to improve their health through the opportunities given by the digital revolution, i.e. the observation of the impact of lifestyle decisions, the assessment of wellness and disease from wearable devices, POC, smart tools, the creation of patient-driven social networks focusin on optimizing wellness or dealing with disease.

All those themes will be discussed in the conference from different perspectives by relevant representatives coming from the healthcare, research and business life sciences sector.

Participation is free of charge, but the registration is mandatory using the registration form available here

Language : Italian - Simultaneus translation will be offer: english-italian and italian-english for foreign guests


 Conference programme (29.9.2017 update)

09:00 Registration for participants    
09:30 Welcome address and opening remarks  


Fiorella Altruda, Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero SpA, President

Rita Bussi, bioPmed Innovative Cluster Association, President

Giuseppina De Santis, Councillor Research and Innovation Regione Piemonte

Guido Bolatto, Secretary General Torino Chamber of Commerce

Fabio Ravanelli, Confindustria Piemonte, President




Key Note speaker:

PRECISION MEDICINE beyond Cancer – the future of healthcare



Thomas Wilckens, InnVentis Ltd Chief Executive Officer

10:45 Roundtable: The future of health  


Nicolo Manaresi, Menarini Silicon Biosystem Chief Scientific Officer

Paolo Bonaretti, Advisor on Industrial and Innovation Policies for the Ministry of Economic Development, ASTER General Manager

Gian Paolo Zanetta, Città della salute di Torino General Manager

Fabio Pammolli, Politecnico di Milano Professor

Massimiliano Boggetti, Assobiomedica President

Roberto Pisati, Nutricia Medical Director

Chiara Gnocchi, Communications&Patient Relations Head, Novartis

Giuseppe Novelli, Rector of the University of Rome Tor Vergata

Mark Coticchia, Henry Ford Health System Detroit (US) Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer


12:45 Presentation of MIT4LS 2018 & Closing Remarks   Diana Bracco, Diana Bracco, National Technological Cluster ALISEI President
Chairman: Josephine Condemi, Freelance Journalist – Nova Il Sole 24 Ore


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