Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2017

The venue


Centro Congressi 

Torino Incontra

Via Nino Costa 8 - 10123 TORINO



The event will take place in Turin, at Centro Congressi Torino Incontra - Via Nino Costa 8 - 10123 Torino. 


How to get there:

  • By car
    Torino Incontra is easily accessible from a number of motorways:
    • A4 Torino-Milano-Venezia
    • A5 Torino-Ivrea-Aosta
    • A6 Torino-Fossano-Ceva-Savona
    • A21 Torino-Asti-Alessandria-Piacenza
    • A32 Torino-Frejus-(Francia)
    The public parking adjacent Piazzale Valdo Fusi counts on 500 car spaces.

  • By bus
    Bus lines: STAR 1 (Carlo Alberto Bus stop); STAR 2 (Pomba); 18, 61, 68 (Cavour).

  • By train
  • From Porta Nuova railway station is only a 10 minute-walk.
    Turn right in Vittorio Emanuele once out of the station, walk as far as the crossroad with Via San Francesco da Paola, turn left walk as far as Valdo Fusi square where, on the left, you will find the Conference Centre in Via Nino Costa.
    By taxi 5 minutes.
  • From Porta Susa railway station is a 30 minute-walk.
    Once out of the station take Via Cernaia, go as far as P.zza Solferino then straight ahead to Via Santa Teresa and as far as Via San Francesco da Paola, then turn right and go along as far as P.zza Valdo Fusi where on the right you will find the Conference Centre in Via Nino Costa.
    By taxi 15 minutes.


  • By subway
    M 1 - Porta Nuova Railway Station (see By train -from Porta Nuova railway station) 


  • From Caselle - Torino International Airport: 
    Caselle - Torino International Airport ( is 16 km away from the city and it is connected to Torino by way of a ring road and a thick network of motorways that allow easy access to the city center. Torino is easily accessible from the airport by bus, taxi and train.


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