Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2016

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Life and Well-being

 Moving towards Health Economics


Rome, 28th October 2016

Salone delle Fontane – Via Ciro il Grande 10 - 12

9.00 a.m.



During the Conference the themes will be developed through the debate between the main public and private actors of Life Sciences sectors, and the comparison with international realities. Details about the programme of the conference and the related workshops will be available soon

Participation to the workshop is free of charge, but the registration is mandatory. Please fill the form here

Language : Italian - a translation system will be available 

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08:45 Registration for participants    

Welcome address and opening remarks


Guido Fabiani, Councillor for Economic Development and Productive Activities – Lazio Region

Diana Bracco, President ALISEI (National Life Sciences Technology Cluster)

Beatrice Lorenzin, Italian Health Minister (tbc)


Overview “Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2016”



Stefano Fantacone, President Lazio Innova

Filippo Tortoriello, President Unindustria


Panel I

LIFE SCIENCES. International challenges for Health and Italian System competitiveness


Topics: trajectories identified at the European level and responses from the National Strategy for Smart Specialisation (SNSI)



Giovina Ruberti, Institute of Cellular Biology and Neurobiology, CNR, Italian Representative of JTI Innovative Medicines Initiative, Alternate Representative in Horizon 2020 “Health Demographic change and wellbeing” Committee


Paolo Bonaretti, Advisor on Industrial Policies for the MISE, Coordinator of SNSI committee “Food, health and quality of life”, General Manager ASTER


Giovanni Leonardi, General Manager of health research and innovation of Italian Health Ministry, Coordinator of Health subgroup of SNSI Committee


Rosario Bifulco, President of Life Sciences Working Group - Confindustria


Andrew Witty, UK Prime Minister’s Business Ambassador for Life Sciences


Panel II

RESEARCH, INDUSTRY AND INFRASTRUCTURES. The challenge of wellbeing and sustainability of social costs through innovation


Topics: Investment in health as a tool to increase the competitiveness of businesses and for greater efficiency and effectiveness in health care management. Examples such as nutraceuticals, telemedicine, robotics and new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The role of research and human capital. Prevention, Prediction (integrated medicine/nutraceuticals), Management and Social Inclusion of patients in the post-acute phase.




Fabio Miraglia, President C.H.I.CO (Cluster of Health Innovation and Community)


Eugenio Gaudio, Rector La Sapienza University of Rome


Francesco Gabbrielli, Vice President SIT (Italian Society for digital health and telemedicine – Digital SIT)


Giovanni Luciano Ricci, Associate Professor Gastroenterology - La Sapienza University of Rome


Michele Vinci, President MASMEC



A best practice for economic and trade relations between Italy and Russia. Challenges and business opportunities


Sergey A. Tsyb, Russian Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry




Panel III



Topics: The central role of technology transfer as a tool for cross-fertilization: spin-in and spin-out. Expectations, obligations and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved: research, industry, universities and the startup ecosystem. The role of regional and national clusters in promoting and making valuable use of the Italian system on a global scale.      


Filippo Belardelli, Vice President ALISEI (National Life Sciences Technology Cluster)


Maria Amata Garito, Rector UNINETTUNO University and MIUR Advisor on Technological Innovation


Tullio Pozzan, Director Department of Biomedical Sciences  - CNR (National Research Council)


Giuseppe Novelli, Rector Tor Vergata University of Rome  


Andrea Onetti Muda, Rector Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome


Federico Florà, President ItaliaCamp Foundation


Rossana Bruno, Media relations manager, Novartis Farma


Antonella Folgori, Director of Immunology and Co-founder  - ReiThera



Signature of Memorandum of Understanding between C.H.I.CO (Cluster of Health Innovation and Community) and Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster (Russian Pharmaceutical Cluster)



Fabio Miraglia, President C.H.I.CO (Cluster of Health Innovation and Community)

Irina Novikova, CEO Kaluga Farmaceutical Cluster

Closing Remarks


Guido Fabiani, Councillor for Economic Development and Productive Activities Latium Region

Rita Bussi, President Cluster bioPmed


13:00 Light Lunch    

Chairman: Massimo Cerofolini, journalist






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