Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2016

The venue


Salone delle Fontane
via Ciro il Grande, 10-12
00124 Rome




The event will take place in Rome, in the evocative and elegant atmosphere of the Salone delle Fontane, located at the top of Parco del Ninfeo, in the center of Eur, a modern and dynamic neighborhood of Rome, with Carrara marble floors and columns and fountains




How to get there:

  • By car
    From the center of Rome driving from via Cristoforo Colombo. For those who arrive from the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA) from the highway out exit 26, Rome Centre.

  • By bus

    From: Termini Station:
    Bus number:  714
    Direction: Palazzo dello Sport
    Frequency: every 7 min.
    Stop: Colombo /Agricoltura.

    From: Piazza Venezia 
    Bus number: 170
    Direction: Agricoltura
    Frequency: every 15 min
    Stop: Ciro il Grande
  • By subway

    From: Termini Railway Station
    Subway Line: B (BLUE line)
    Direction: Laurentina
    Stop : EUR Magliana

    From: Tiburtina Raiwayl Station
    Subway Line B (BLUE line)
    Direction: Laurentina
    Stop: EUR - Palasport
  • From Fiumicino airport:
    Train to: Rome  - Temini Station  
    Stop: EUR Magliana


closed since 13 Oct 2016
Registration 11 Apr – 13 Oct
Meeting Selection 10 Oct – 19 Oct
Event 26 Oct – 27 Oct
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Roma
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