Meet the Chef 2016

Are you a chef looking for
innovative tech cooking solutions?

 Struggling with logistics in the kitchen? 
Chasing after future food breakthrough?

This event is for you:



Take a chance to pre-arrange meetings with business and technology partners in one day!

On Monday, 16th May, Enterprise Europe Network is organising a FREE-to-attend matchmaking event at Regine & Re di Cuochi .
The event provides the perfect forum for potential partners – both chefs and companies - to pre-arrange meetings and capitalise on food and restoration industry.

This is an excellent opportunity to discover new ideas and innovative products and services from the international marketplace and a chance for product manufacturers, and service providers to meet a real chef!

Thematic Focus 2016:

  • Novel food and functional ingredients
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Food preservation
  • Restoration process management
  • Street food quality processing

How does it work?

  1. Register and publish your collaboration wishes
  2. Send meetings requests to selected participants of your choice
  3. One week before the event you receive your meeting schedule




closed since 12 May 2016
Registration 7 Mar – 12 May
Meeting Selection 28 Apr – 18 May
Event 16 May
Language English
Venue Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 43
Meetings 167
Albania 1
France 4
Italy 30
Japan 9
Jordan 1
Taiwan 1
Total 46
Profile Views
Before Event1334
After Event 763