B2B Partnering Event - Sicily (Palermo, 27-28 March 2014)

Logo UE+SiciliaReaching the Southern Italy Market and its key players

The aim of the event is to promote business, technological and research partnerships between Italian - especially Sicilian - and European/non-European companies, universities, research centers, technological institutes in active sectors identified as key contributors to achieving Growth in Southern Italy.

Piucture Italian Map (Focus Sicily)The event is organized in the framework of a Mission of Vice President Antonio Tajani to Italy with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network and Regione Sicilia.


Main topics

This B2B event aims to initiate R&D, technological and commercial cooperations in the following sectors:

  • Agro food
  • Bio-Agro food
  • Maritime Industry and Fishing
  • Intelligent Energy
  • Tourism and Cultural Heritage
  • Handicrafts
  • Textiles, Clothing and Fashion
  • Biotechnology & Biomedical
  • ICTs
  • Construction & Green Building
  • Creative Industry
  • Others


Event Focus

(venue: Villa Malfitano - Via Dante Alighieri, 167 - Palermo)

  • Conference (27th March 2014): "EUROPE 2020 STRATEGY FOR  GROWTH: Creating a business environment for more and better jobs" 
    Institutional  Opening /  Plenary Session;
    Discussion panels on competitiveness and innovation and on new European funding opportunities for enterprises.
  • Matchmaking (28th March 2014)
    Initiating face to face contacts between European and Italian companies.


Why to participate?

The event will be a unique opportunity aiming at:

  • targeting potential business partners in pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings;
  • reaching the Italian market and its key players;
  • examining business and investment opportunities in Sicily;
  • establishing cross-border contacts and partnership;
  • exploring opportunities of research cooperation also in the framework of Horizon 2020 programme .


Who should participate?

  • SMEs;
  • Universities, Research centers, Technological Institutes;
  • Enterprise Europe Network partners.


Costs: Free of charge

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