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M2M Forum 2012


May 3rd, 2012


InnovHub – Stazioni Sperimentali per l’industria, special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and member of the Enterprise Europe Network, organises a brokerage event in occasion of M2M Forum 2012.

Since 2002, M2M Forum is the leading International tradeshow that covers the latest industry trends, accelerates the development dynamics of the M2M world and brings together high profile Italian and foreign professionals, in order to analyse the drastic changes in technology and business.

This event is devoted to the “Internet of Things” and M2M Cloud, two main areas for ther Development of Web 3.0. It is the unique Italian event focused on the M2M solutions for vertical sectors such as Smart Grid & Metering, E-Health and Green Tech.


Special Focus

Smart Metering will be the topic discussed in the dedicated parallel session. Italy is the leader in the future application of Smart Grids for the introduction and use of an Electronic Meter for electricity and gas in Europe. 

Great attention upon M2M solutions devoted to remote control and remote management  of green plants for micro/cogeneration of energy and distribution (including  electric cars recharging). The event features an overview of M2M solutions for the management of energy production and distribution from alternative sources and for the energy cost reductionin general.

In partnership with important professional associations M2M Forum usually presents the state-of-the-art of technologies and business opportunities for M2M operators in main vertical markets. In 2012 the event will highlight the E-health applications for the improvement of the patients quality of life and the health costs reduction.

In the global market Cloud is becoming the standard solution for ICT services. Also the M2M world starts using this strategic approach, mixing data from the real world and the virtual world. Since last edition M2M FORUM has given a particular attention to M2M Cloud solutions,  featuring a specific conference session to present the first M2M applications in the Cloud.

Smart cities provide technologies and interconnections in a sustainable, safe and confortable environment,  After several years of experimental projects it seems that the smart cities development process is started, pushed also by events like Expo 2015.  M2M technologies  will be the  primary tools for the implementations.  This will be a subject for the discussion with institutions and media at M2M Forum.

Main topics

Services and “Services in the cloud”, Smart Communications, Data Management, Security “by design”, Smart Grids as public facilities, W3C standardization for infrastructure and services design, Sensors, Devices, Specialized Terminals, Middleware, Antennas
Cross-markets integrations: Health Assistance, Telemedicine, Power Metering, Building Automation, Vending Machine, Security, Gambling, Logistics & Transport, Automotive, Power Generation, Security and Safety
 yellow_icon INTERNET OF THINGS – WEB 3.0
Mobile Data Services, M2M SIM, SOA & Web Services, Voice Peering, M2M as a Service, Virtualization & Cloud Computing
 green_icon M2M GREEN
Power Generation Green M2M & Energy Management, Green Public Procurement, Green Data Center, Green Wireless
 blue_bulb_icon INNOVATORS FORUM
M2M Open Source, M2M Protocols & Standards, Venture Capitals & EC initiative, Associations, Special Expo 2015

Business meetings

  • to have the opportunity to meet companies coming from the EU
  • to initiate cross-border contacts
  • to facilitate the setup of FP7 project consortia
  • to present, discuss and develop new project ideas on ICT at int. level

Language: English

Costs:         Free of charge

Dates for your agenda

20 Apr. Insert your collaboration profile
21 - 29 Apr. Online selection of face-to-face meetings
3 May Bilateral meetings (09:30 - 17:30)
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