JPIs on the Global Stage 2016

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Workshop focusing on JPIs and International Collaboration

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JPIs on the Global Stage: Opportunities for International Collaboration Workshop aim to  create awareness about the JPIs and their strategic agendas among the funding bodies from major partner countries and to facilitate exchange of knowledge and cooperation with leading funding agencies from USA and Brazil.





  • Communication of Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda(SRIA) as well as International Cooperation Strategies of JPIs to international community of funding bodies
  • Learning the Future perspectives from GPC and EC Representatives
  • Short, sharp 20 minute bilateral meetings to foster effective networking
  • Get to know the funding agencies from USA, Brazil and China and understand their expectations, concerns
  • Good examples of multilateral collaboration on specific themes

Why participate

  • Present and discuss the current status of the international cooperation objectives and activities of the participating JPIs
  • Learn closely the state funding agencies in USA, Brazil and China and their approach to cooperation with Europe at the multinational scale
  • Explore international cooperation opportunities within and beyond Horizon 2020
  • Increase knowledge and understanding about the opportunities as well as challenges in international cooperation
  • Initiate new contacts and collaborations


Main Topics

  • Agriculture
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Climate
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Food Security
  • Nutrition and health
  • Wellbeing and Demographic Change
  • Seas and Oceans
  • Urbanization
  • Water



How does it work?

  1. Register
  2. Send meetings requests to selected participants of your choice
  3. One week before the event you receive your meeting schedule
  4. Manage on-site up to 7 bilateral meetings

EC Supported Info

closed since 26 Oct 2016
Registration 12 Sep – 26 Oct
Meeting Selection 1 Nov – 15 Nov
Event 21 Nov
Language English
Venue Rue du Chatelain 17
Brussel, Belgium
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 36
Meetings 68
Austria 4
Belgium 10
Brazil 5
Canada 1
Cyprus 1
Denmark 1
France 9
Germany 3
Greece 1
Italy 2
Netherlands 1
New Zealand 1
Norway 1
Portugal 2
Sweden 1
Switzerland 1
United Kingdom 1
United States 5
Total 50
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After Event 896