2016 JCI World Congress


Welcome to the 2016 JCI World Congress B2B matching sessions

Co-organized by the Junior Chamber of Commerce Québec (JCCQ) and the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Canada, the JCI World Congress will be held in Québec City from October 30 to November 4, 2016.The JCI World Congress is the largest business conference ever held in Québec City, with 4,000 young professionals aged 18 to 40 from 125 countries.

Why participate ?

With an audience of 4,000 young professionals from 125 countries, the 2106 JCI World Congress is the best place to set matching sessions with businesses around the world. The large network of JCI is diversified in age and in culture. It will be the best time to participate in matching sessions.


When and where ?

The B2B matching sessions will take place in the main room of the congress (room CCQ 400ABC). Quebec International is the organizer of the matching sessions and will guide you to your meeting table. You are invited to meet them at the Quebec International booth. There will be matching sessions from October 31 to November 3, from 10:20 to 17:00. The duration of a meeting is 20 minutes.

You will have to select period of availabilty. Please pay attention to these and plan your agenda with the JCI World Congress Program.


How to participate ?

Once your registration to JCI World Congress is validated, fill your participant profile by forwarding the registration link on the present page. Indicate as much details as you can to provide many reasons for other participants to request meetings with you.

Meeting requests will be available in a few days. Create your profile today to maximize your chance to convert your participation into real business opportunities.


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Registration 16 Sep – 3 Nov
Meeting Selection 16 Sep – 3 Nov
Event 1 Nov – 3 Nov
Language English
Venue 1000 Boulevard René-Lévesque E
Ville de Québec, Canada
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Meetings 102
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