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The following have power of representation: Andreas Heyer (CEO), Michael Göbel, Hans Peter Schneider

Board of Directors:
Andreas Heyer (CEO)
Michael Göbel
Hans Peter Schneider


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closed since 14 Apr 2017
Registration 1 Feb – 14 Apr
Meeting Selection 20 Mar – 24 Apr
Event 28 Apr – 29 Apr
Language English
Venue VIP Lounge Hall 7 / Exhibition Center Bremen
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 85
Meetings 280
Argentina 1
Australia 3
Austria 3
Belgium 2
Brazil 6
Canada 5
Croatia 1
Denmark 4
Egypt 1
Ethiopia 1
France 5
Germany 8
Greece 1
Indonesia 1
Israel 3
Italy 2
Jordan 1
Luxembourg 1
Malaysia 2
Netherlands 7
Poland 3
Portugal 2
Romania 1
Russia 1
Spain 3
Sweden 4
Switzerland 1
United Kingdom 5
USA 11
Total 89
Profile Views
Before Event4048
After Event 1360