IWBGPEAW 2017 - International Wide Bandgap Materials Power Electronics Applications Workshop (formerly ISiCPEAW)

Name contest

For next year's workshop, please help us to give the event a better name!

Since a few years back, the topics of this workshop have covered more that just silicon carbide. In recent years, other wide bandgap materials, especially gallium nitride, have become more and more interesting for power applications. Therefore, in order to state that the workshop embraces all kinds of wide bandgap materials, it was decided that it needed a new name.

Despite intense and hard thinking from a group of six people, the best we could achieve was to replace "SiC" in "ISiCPEAW" with "WBG" for "Wide BandGap materials".
Now, we admit that ISiCPEAW was not the greatest name in the world, but it was at least, with a little effort, pronouncable.
IWBGPEAW, however, is not...

Since we have failed to produce a good conference name, we now turn our hopes to you, the participants,
and hereby proclaim a name contest.
Get your creative juices flowing and come up with a new name for our workshop!

It does not need to be a long abbreviation, as long as it follows this rule:

The name must state that the workshop is about power electronics applications of wide bandgap materials.
The word "Applications" is crucial, and must be included in some way.


When you have a name suggestion ready, please send it to mietek.bakowski@acreo.se.

The winner will be awarded a nice prize!



This one, alluding to the world of Marvel comics, we rejected :




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