IWBGPEAW 2017 - International Wide Bandgap Materials Power Electronics Applications Workshop (formerly ISiCPEAW)

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Micronews Media

Micronews Media delivers in-depth technologies information, market data, business trends, product updates and news from the industry to manager and engineers. Powered by Yole Développement, Micronews Media has created a unique media content, not available anywhere else.
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Micronews Media is the media sponsor of IWBGPEAW 2017.



 JTA logo

JTA Ltd.

JTA Ltd is a European company with staff based in the UK, Germany, Holland, Italy and France. The company supports and services equipment for wafer production, slicing, polishing and sorting, particularly hard materials such as Silicon Carbide or Sapphire,  and III-V materials such as GaN or AlN.  They have equipment installed all across Europe, including the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, with wafer producers as well as IC manufacturers. The equipment supplied comes mainly from GTI/Takatori Corp from Japan and Gigamat Technologies from California.




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Hollander Research

Hollander Research designs and manufactures test equipment for power semiconductors in Si, SiC and GaN technology. The company is specialized in test equipment for power semiconductors in Si, SiC and GaN technology.
The test systems from Hollander Research work with bare chips, discrete devices and power modules. Testing is performed up to full ratings and up to 300 °C.

Eon, Eoff, Err, Irr, di/dt, du/dt, etc. are determined in a dynamic tester as a function of DC-bus voltage, current, temperature and gate driver parameters.
Static testers characterize the on-state voltage as a function of current, temperature, (and Vge).
Surge current equipment is used during the development of e.g. SiC devices, and to test the performance of power semiconductors at extreme (short-circuit) conditions.
Reliability testers: Power Cycling Systems for quantification of the power cycling capabilities of power semiconductor packages.




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Wentworth Laboratories Ltd

Wentworth Laboratories Ltd offers an expansive line of manual, semi automatic and fully automatic wafer probers for wafer test applications up to 300 mm for failaure analysis, reliability, design verification and high volume sort. Wentworth also offers an impressive selection of generic and ATE-specific cantilever probe card products and design services for DC, low leakage, high voltage, digital, analog, mixed signal and memory applications.

Wentworth's flagship platform is the Pegasus™ FA Wafer Prober Series. Wentworth’s Pegasus™ S200FA-HV prober is ideally suited for testing Power Devices and can be easily integrated with a wide range of tester instruments. The Pegasus™ S200FA-HV platform provides a flexible on-wafer probing solution focused on high-power semiconductor characterization. The Pegasus™ S200FA-HV High Power configuration addresses today’s power semiconductor test challenges with Low Contact Resistance Measurements requiring accurate measurements at high voltages. Kelvin Chucks allow Contact Resistance measurements in the milli ohm range across a wide temperature range (-60 °C > +300 °C). Wentworth’s fully automatic double sided advanced automation probers, (for high volume double sided probing applications), offer dual sided probing and special handling, ideal for IGBT, MOSFET & DIODES testing.




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Registration 27 Feb – 18 May
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Event 21 May – 23 May
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