IWBGPEAW 2017 - International Wide Bandgap Materials Power Electronics Applications Workshop (formerly ISiCPEAW)



While attending the Workshop, it is recommended to stay at Hotel Birger Jarl, where the event takes place.
While the conference entrance is at Birger Jarlsgatan 61 A, the hotel entrance is at Tulegatan 8; the other side of the block.

Please note: It can be very hard to find rooms in Stockholm during this time, so we strongly recommend that you to book a room in good time. When you do, please use the booking code 2617605.
A number of rooms are pre-reserved for the event. However, this number will gradually decrease as the event approaches.

The pre-reservation is valid for staying May 21st - May 23rd. You can of course come later and leave earlier if you wish.

If you have any questions or need help with your booking, you are welcome to contact the hotel: info@birgerjarl.se, +46 8 674 18 00. 



The Tutorial takes place at RISE Acreo AB in Kista, north of Stockholm, on Sunday May 21st.

When traveling by subway from Stockholm Central station, you take the blue line towards Akalla, and exit at station Kista. Travel time about 18 minutes.

Please note that tickets are not available on board the vehicles.
For information about getting tickets, please see the SL ticket information pages.

For a somewhat simpler way of transport:
Taxi Stockholm: +46 8 15 00 00

For those who wish to arrive early, there are a number of hotels in Kista to choose from.


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Registration 27 Feb – 18 May
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Event 21 May – 23 May
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