Business Speeddating at the IT SUMMIT 2016



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The B2B MEETINGS are free of charge for participants of the IT SUMMIT.


Ticket price for the IT SUMMIT 2016:

Partners of Clusters
from Business Upper Austria:
100,- EUR

Regular Price:
200,- EUR





Participants from outside Austria
150,- EUR

Companies from outside Austria do not require a separate registration to the IT SUMMIT. The participation fee of 150,- EUR includes ticket to IT SUMMIT, B2B MEETINGS and the COMPANY VISITS (incl. bus transfer).

Please note that participation at the IT SUMMIT is required for the taking part in the B2B Meetings. 


Ticket prices for the IT SUMMIT include keynotes, conference material and catering (before tax). For further information please contact Lisa Madlmayr or visit the registration page of the IT SUMMIT 2016.


Lisa Madlmayr
Business Upper Austria – OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH





closed since 4 Apr 2016
Registration 1 Dec – 4 Apr
Meeting Selection 15 Mar – 4 Mar
Event 5 Apr – 6 Apr
Language German / English
Costs 100 € / 150 € / 200 € (free for participants of the IT SUMMIT)
Venue Energie AG, Linz
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 30
Meetings 42
Austria 20
Czech Republic 2
Ireland 1
Malta 1
Romania 3
Slovak Republic 1
Tunisia 1
Turkey 1
Total 30
Profile Views
Before Event868
After Event 2667