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Think digital!

Innovative thinking, acting, operating


The IT SUMMIT is the annual conference of the IT cluster in Upper Austria. It is the place to meet respresentatives of the local IT sector and get informed about latest trends.

We are in the middle of the digital era and digitalizsation determines the development of our economy and society. The IT SUMMIT 2016 is all about thinking forward and thinking creatively, acting digital and managing digital. Enjoy keynotes from Start-up founders, successful practioneers, social designers and creative minds in the digital environment.


  • Stores become digitial, consumers stay humans
    Consumers in the web: Potentials and limits (Michael Rodin-Lo, Umdasch Shopfitting Group)

  • Homo ludens digitalis
    Hybrid gaming worlds between physical and digital reality (Manfred Lamplmair, Founder and CEO Rudy Games)

  • IT infrastructure, quo vadis?
    Despite „Software defined anything“, the basis of digital-virtual World remains physical (Bernhard Peham, eww ag | ITandTEL)

  • Industry 4.0, cyborgs, and us
    Sociotechnical systems, their complexities, and more … (Andreas Kronsteiner, CIO Internorm)

  • Thinking digital in creative Rooms
    Agentur, Coworking Loft and Interior-App: the common thread? (Albert Ortig, CEO netural & Roomle)

  • KEYNOTE: Gazelles with digital turbo
    How do Start-ups think, what do investors know about them, and what can you learn from that (Oliver Holle, CEO Speedinvest)


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closed since 4 Apr 2016
Registration 1 Dec – 4 Apr
Meeting Selection 15 Mar – 4 Mar
Event 5 Apr – 6 Apr
Language German / English
Costs 100 € / 150 € / 200 € (free for participants of the IT SUMMIT)
Venue Energie AG, Linz
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 30
Meetings 42
Austria 20
Czech Republic 2
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Romania 3
Slovak Republic 1
Tunisia 1
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