IraSME & CORNET Partnering Event Aachen 2018

Elevator Pitch Sessions 

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The concept of the Elevator Pitches is to put your project idea in a nutshell and convince potential partners to join your project in the time of a (quite long) elevator ride of 5 min. Instead of a project idea you can also present your organisation and your technical expertise to meet potential project partners. After the presentations there is room to meet and discuss a partnership in detail.

We will organise the pitches in thematic sessions. We already announced a few technical areas for the sessions according to our experience from the previous events. However we will group the pitches in three groups according to the submissions.

The Sessions are thematically completly open.

13:00          Elevator Pitch Sessions – Part I

Themed matchmaking sessions according to various technological areas

In parallel: Face-to-Face Meetings according to your personal schedules

13:00          Nano MTG Ltd (PL), Piotr Nawrocki

Short description: Graphene commercialization, concept realized in cooperation with regional and worldwide scientific centers.

Nano MTG was established to research new technologies, market them and deploy on the market. Implementation of each of own projects for innovative solutions and technologies is the main activity of the company and primarily increase the competitiveness of company and its partners in the market. It increases its potential and its value. Innovative solutions and technologies affects the development of contacts with partners and cooperation with the next ones, it will increase the scope of activities of the company, so that their products reach a much larger number of customers and potential markets. At the moment company is in the stage of merging two business areas graphene and semiconductors. Presentation is invitation for common works on innovative solutions in nanotechnologies.

13:08          CELABOR, Sébastien Cajot

Short description: CELABOR – Presentation of our R&D activities

CELABOR is a local scientific and technical services centre based in the Petit-Rechain industrial park near Verviers (Belgium). CELABOR offers scientific and technical support to companies in the field of agri-food (nutrition and extraction), the environment, packaging, paper/cardboard and textiles

13:16          Better3fruit (BE), Annemarie Auwerkerken

Short description: Re-inventing fruit for you

Better3Fruit develops new fruit varieties that meet the higher requirements of present-day consumers with respect to quality, safety and health.

13:24          Institute Power Electronics & Electrical Drives (ISEA), Werner Rohlfs

Short description: Defining optimized cooling requirements for products containing lithium ion battery packs through experimental and simulative investigations.

The temperature gradient within batteries strongly influences both their lifetime and power capabilities, and thus both the total costs of ownership and efficiency of the overall product. The Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA) is working for more than 40 years on the following research areas: Power Electronics , Electronic Devices , Electrical Drives and Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems .

13:32          Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (BE), Simon Binnemans

Short description: We want to evaluate the performance, and make tools for selection and dimensioning, for different systems for sustainable cooling in buildings.

Thomas More is the largest university of applied sciences in Flanders, offering over 30 Dutch-taught and 4 English-taught bachelor degree programs in the province of Antwerp. Next to that, Thomas More offers exchange programmes in English, for students from partner universities.

13:40          VÚTS (CZ), Jan Marek

Short description: Automatization in composites production. Application of mechatronic differential.

VÚTS is  research institute for machinery providing own research and apply it to production of special single purpose machines

13:48          Nuromedia GmbH (DE), Jens Piesk

Short description: Our goal - Innovative apps for developers and gamers

Nuromedia GmbH is an independent multimedia and software engineering company founded in 2005 by experts of media industry, with profound expertise of international R&D, with offices in Cologne (Germany, head office) and Berlin. Nuromedia covers the entire chain of software and research project development – from the initial idea to final production / implementation – and has a wealth of experience in developing web, mobile and cross-platform.

13:56          University of Antwerp, Alexander Neirinckx

Short description: The University of Antwerp NANOcenter comprises of three research groups, with expertise in advanced materials characterization and computational modelling in the field of nanoscience and (nano) materials.

The mission of the NanoCenter is to offer both R&D services in chemical and structural characterization through electron microscopy and computational support as well as development of novel techniques and software support for either academy or industry. The NANOcenter has a broad expertise on many unctional materials ranging from nanoparticles, semiconductors, quantum dots, photovoltaics, batteries to steels & alloys, polymers and ceramics/glass.

14:00          Coffee break

14:30          Elevator Pitch Sessions – Part II

Themed matchmaking sessions according to various technological areas

In parallel: Face-to-Face Meetings according to your personal schedules

14:30          University Bayreuth, Gregor Badel

Short description: EFFCO: Resource-EFficient Factories by integrating intelligent COmposite material applications

The main goal of EFFCO is to develop passive retrofit concepts to support resource efficiency and comfort conditions in factory and warehouse buildings of small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Therefore, demonstrators for smart composite and buffering applications focusing on autonomous shading applications will be developed and tested. Additionally, humidity control, noise reduction or adaptive insulation characteristics are targeted features.

The transition of energy systems towards renewable and sustainable structures also requires the implementation of resource efficiency measures across industry sectors. Especially, in existing factory and warehouse buildings increasing complexity for implementation of active energy efficiency measures is linked to high costs. Moreover, higher comfort requirements of employees or goods urge the need for passive and cost-effective and reliable retrofit concepts. We look for Partners (Research Institutes and Clusters) who wants to join us.

14:38          Carit Automotive GmbH & Co. KG (DE), Günter Grodde/Herbert Rehms

Short description: Retrofit TRAILER PARK-ASSIST SYSTEM

A real-time guiding information system for precisely backing up a vehicle plus trailer to be applied as a retrofit product to any vehicle- and trailer brand

14:46          Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft (DE), Dr. Kerstin Gläser

Short description: Hahn-Schickard Stuttgart - Intelligent solutions with microsystems engineering.

Organization Profile of Hahn-Schickard: With a total of 200 employees in southwest Germany at our sites in Stuttgart, Villingen-Schwenningen, and Freiburg, we at Hahn-Schickard carry out applied research and development in microsystems engineering, micro assembly technology, microanalytical systems, medical devices, and information technology. We provide support and guidance for your project from the design stage to serial production, react quickly and flexibly to your demands, and work in accordance with industry-compatible, certified processes.

14:54          IXSANE, Tristan Debuigne

Short description: Research and Technological Transfer for Environmental & Urban engineering and Sustainable development.

Ixsane is an innovative SME focused on environmental engineering activities looking for partnership to develop innovation applications in environmental market.

15:10          Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Oscar Vernaez

Short description: Bioplastics Opportunities for new developments.

The fast growing market of Bio-based plastics in Europe offers a unique opportunity for research and new developments. The Fraunhofer UMSICHT offers research and development services for bioplastics material, bioplastics compounding and bioplastics processing using renewable resources. The department “Bio-based Plastics” is focused on polymer chemistry, material development, plastics processing, applications, and industrial scale-up of novel bioplastics.

15:04          HTWK Leipzig, Prof. Stefan Meyer-Miethke

Short description: Entscheidungstool für den Bau- und Immobilienbereich, App für Bau- und Sanierungsentscheidungen, CORNET Projekt

Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig) offers a combination of practically oriented teaching and application-oriented research. Our regionally unique selling point is the wide range of engineering programmes. Together with the areas of economics and cultural studies we offer a wide variety of degree programmes and research opportunities at seven faculties.

15:12          Fyteko – Innovation in agriculture, Guillaume Wégria

Short description: Fyteko is a young innovative company developing and producing advanced plant biostimulants.

Our mission is to address the key challenges that many areas of the world are facing today due to climate change. Even in an environment of increasingly scarce resources, we know that we can make a difference in countering the adverse effects of events such as droughts and heats.


Optional, if present:

Institute of Textile Technology (ITA), RWTH Aachen University

Short description: The ITA Group is an international research and training service provider for fiber-based high-performance materials, textile semi-finished products and their manufacturing processes with 350 employees. The core of the ITA Group is the research and teaching institution, Institute of Textile Technology, at RWTH Aachen University.

Fraunhofer IPA (DE), Johannes Böhner

Short description: Smart Drop - SME4MTB - Lightweight design by application of composites material: Development of a suitable coating to realise movement of roller bearing on composites surface. Integration of sensors to activate drop or rise. Energy harvesting for power supply.

Room for spontaneous presentations and pitches


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