IoT Match - International Business Maker @ SIdO 2017


The Enterprise Europe Network is the world's largest support network for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) with international ambitions. It has 3,000 experts across 600 member organisations in more than 60 countries. Member organisations include chambers of commerce and industry, technology centres, and research institutes.

The Network helps ambitious SMEs innovate and grow internationally. It provides international business expertise with local knowledge across a range of targeted services:

  • Partnership
  • Advisory 
  • Innovation support

The Network also offers specialised industry expertise across 17 sectors

Local contact points near you are available for more information.

Partnership services

The Network manages Europe’s largest database of business opportunities. With the profiles in the database, Network experts can help businesses forge international partnerships with excellent growth potential.

The Network organises 70,000 international business meetings every year. Events include:

  • Matchmaking and brokerage events where SMEs can meet potential business partners
  • Company missions for targeted international meetings with strong business prospects

Take a look at our events calendar or search for an event that suits your needs.

Success stories

Looking for examples of how the Network can help? We have many success stories searchable by country, sector and service.

closed since 24 Mar 2017
Registration 4 Jan – 24 Mar
Meeting Selection 13 Mar – 4 Apr
Event 5 Apr – 6 Apr
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Cité centre de congrès de Lyon
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 155
Meetings 184
Belgium 3
Canada 1
Cote D'ivoire 1
France 116
Greece 1
Hungary 1
Israel 2
Italy 4
Japan 1
Latvia 1
Luxembourg 1
Morocco 1
Netherlands 1
Norway 1
Poland 3
Portugal 5
Romania 2
Spain 7
Switzerland 2
Tunisia 2
Turkey 1
United Kingdom 2
United States 1
Total 160
Profile Views
Before Event3938
After Event 2064