IoT Match - International Business Maker @ SIdO 2017

How to manage meetings ?

Via your account on the event website

Find below a quick overview how to book, view and accept/decline meeting requests.

To view and manage meetings you have to login via:
a) Menu "Login" (in case you have no password please click "Password forgotten") or
b) Use one of the direct access links you can find in the mailings you have received from the b2match platform


To access the window below please select the Menu "Your Account" and afterwards the Tab "Meetings".


By downloading B2Match App (iOS & Android)

Once you have registered to the event and downloaded the application, you can quickly access the most recent version of your meeting schedule on your Mobile Phone.

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Via email/password you can easily sign-in. In case you don't know your password you can also use the App access key shown in the Dashboard.
NOTE: For large events with hundreds of participants the download of the participant list may take 1-3 minutes.

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closed since 24 Mar 2017
Registration 4 Jan – 24 Mar
Meeting Selection 13 Mar – 4 Apr
Event 5 Apr – 6 Apr
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Cité centre de congrès de Lyon
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 155
Meetings 184
Belgium 3
Canada 1
Cote D'ivoire 1
France 116
Greece 1
Hungary 1
Israel 2
Italy 4
Japan 1
Latvia 1
Luxembourg 1
Morocco 1
Netherlands 1
Norway 1
Poland 3
Portugal 5
Romania 2
Spain 7
Switzerland 2
Tunisia 2
Turkey 1
United Kingdom 2
United States 1
Total 160
Profile Views
Before Event3938
After Event 2063