InnoTrans Business Days 2016

ERCI workshop “Intelligent Mobility”

21 September 2016 | 15:30 - 17:30

The workshop will be organised by the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI). ERCI includes 11 major research and innovation driven railway clusters and represent about 1.000 SMEs in 9 countries. Major ERCI objectives are to strengthen the competitiveness of the European rail industry with innovative products and new business opportunities. ERCI actions focus on European level lobbying, collaboration of SMEs with industry and research institutes, initiation of transnational innovation projects, organisation of B2B meetings and technical workshops.

Scope: Railway Transport - A Part of a Future Intelligent Mobility System!?!

Solutions for intelligent transport systems (ITS) are on their way to become part of daily life. How can railway technologies contribute? To assure rail will be a key component of these sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions, it is required to advance ITS technology in the future. With our ERCI workshop „Intelligent Mobility“ we want to contribute to that development.

Leading workshop questions

  • Keeping ‘intelligent mobility’ in mind, identification of issues/difficulties the existing railway transportation system is facing with
  • Identification of measures should be taken from your point of view to make the railway transportation system part of intelligent mobility solutions
  • Identification of specific contributions for improvement from the participating companies/institutions and possibilities for further development in a ERCI joint technical workgroup “mobility/telematics”


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