InnoSport 2017

How it works


The B2B Networking provides companies, corporations, researchers and investors the right contacts to seize the opportunities and build collaboration across the borders. You can identify innovative technologies and find new solutions for existing problems. By participating B2B Networking you will get access to extensive technology expertise and new business channels and select your face2face meetings in advance by creating an online profile.


How does it work?

  1. Register and add business profile
  2. View others profiles and publish your collaboration wishes
  3. Browse the participant list and book meetings with companies you are interested in
  4. One week before the event you receive your meeting schedule
closed since 24 Jul 2017
Registration 3 Jan – 24 Jul
Meeting Selection 28 Jun – 25 Jul
Event 27 Jul
Language English/Hungarian
Costs Free of charge, no-show fee applies (see Terms)
Venue Győr
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 50
Meetings 51
Austria 2
Croatia 2
Czech Republic 3
Germany 1
Hungary 60
Poland 4
Slovak Republic 4
Ukraine 4
United Kingdom 3
Total 83
Profile Views
Before Event1943
After Event 960