Our last editions in a nutshell

The Regional Innovation Fair was first organized by West Regional Development Agency and Tehimpuls – The Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre in 2013 with the ambition to create a unique exchange platform for entrepreneurs, researcher and innovators and also expose the innovation ecosystem of West Region to the wider public.

Intense workshops on latest trends and challenges in the knowledge economy, exhibition of latest regional innovations, networking and innovation based businesses generate a productive setting for ideas, people, passions, and aspirations. It gains more momentum during regional innovation competition awards through which we bring the innovators from varied sectors into the light and reward them only to push them forward in their endeavours.

Since 2015 we expanded the Fair with international bropkerage sessions foster organized within the context of Enterprise Europe Network with the aim to facilitate European wide business and innovation cooperation between companies in Europe. 


Facts and Figures 2015

The Regional Innovation Fair 2015, was dedicated to ITC, automotive and agro-­‐food sectors and included: •

  • International Conference: "Innovation and Internationalization as competitive factors" •
  • International brokerage event attended by SMEs from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Serbia and Hungary •
  • Regional Innovation Prize 2015 Award Ceremony • Exhibition stands: the first 10 innovative products/solutions/technologies from West Region, selected during the Regional Innovation Competition; 

The 2015 edition brought 280 participants, from 7 countries which had over 112 bilateral meetings (brokerage sessions).

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Facts and Figures 2014

Over 250 people attended the second edition of the Regional Innovation Fair 2014. The event benefited from the presence of European Commission representatives, partner organizations in Hungary and Serbia, as well as a large number of organizations in the West Region. In 2014 the format included a participatory process for innovation awareness and promotion of research activities of universities and enterprises in West Region Romania and also the presentation of funding opportunities offered by Horizon 2020. Prizes awareded in the competition consisted in training sessions, consulting schemes and grants of 10.000 euro for the development of eco-innovative start-ups and offered within the "Eco-Innovative Businesses in West Region" project, funded through the Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania, Norwegian Fiancial Mechanism 2009-2014, Programme Operator - Innovation Norway.

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Facts and Figures 2013

The event hosted 47 exhibitors and 97 innovative products visited by over 600 attendees, which were treated to a wealth of learning and networking opportunities, product showcases, innovation and financing opportunities. The participants were delighted by 3D printed products, solar irrigation systems, pasteurized liquid eggs, systems for planning and optimization of production, solutions for the treatment of different diseases. The Good practice shows held by representatives of Microsoft Romania, Alcatel Lucent Romania, ELI-HU Nonprofit Ltd. - Extreme Light Infrastructure, Livestock, Stratasys GmbH –partner of NUTechnologies, ERNACT, Digital Geek, Innovation Norway also captured the audience.

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closed since 8 Nov 2016
Registration 28 Jul – 8 Nov
Meeting Selection 15 Oct – 8 Nov
Event 9 Nov
Language English
Costs Free of charge
Venue Timisoara, Romania
Bilateral Meetings
Participants 89
Meetings 152
Hungary 20
Ireland 1
Norway 1
Romania 62
Russia 1
Serbia 20
Total 105
Profile Views
Before Event2712
After Event 2389