ILA Business Days 2016

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The Aerospace Industry in Berlin-Brandenburg

The aerospace industry is one of the capital region's most important future industries. It combines a high level of innovation with sophisticated technology.

The region is home to companies that are respected across the world such as the global players Rolls-Royce and MTU. Their presence offers small and mid-sized companies a whole range of business opportunities as suppliers or service providers in areas including security and IT.

About 150 companies in the aerospace industry (including suppliers) with about 17,000 employees have their headquarters in the capital region. Additionally, a large number of companies provides manufacturing-related services to the region's aerospace sector.

The region's core competencies are propulsion technology, maintenance, overhaul and repair, simulation and testing, and know-how related to the production and marketing of small aircraft. Even trans-sector technologies such as safety & security or unmanned flight systems are becoming increasingly important.

The capital region is actually the birthplace of German aviation. It has tapped into this tradition and become a center for the development of aviation technology in Germany today.

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